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Posted by Kariel Win on 23 May 2012 01:34:11

{English version}{versão em Português}{Polish version}
Hello FunTibians!

Like I said, this month it’s our birthday!
And we have a second contest
This one is simpler
So the question is:
-> What present would you give to us or for our mascot in this birthday?
After you choose a present, explain your decision.

【ツ】 In this contest, you can make only 1 submission
【ツ】 You have to submit your works by the end of June
【ツ】 No multi accounts allowed
【ツ】 You must not break any rules of
【ツ】 Remember to post your character name and city that you would like to receive the prize (in case you win).
【ツ】If there are any changes in the rules, we will announce it in this thread
【ツ】You can participate in both contests. (“Best Friend” and “Choose a present”)
【ツ】If you break any rule, you will be disqualified from this contest
【ツ】Your text must be posted in English. (If you have any difficulty writing in English you can ask for our team to help you).
【ツ】The best answers will win a ticket to our lottery.

Lottery Prizes:

1st place: Dread Doll

2nd place: Golden rune emblem + 200k

3rd place: Silver rune emblem + 100k

Your submissions should be posted in this thread.

If you have any questions, post in this thread.

The gold will be sponsored by Daylize
Daylize World's Trade

Have Fun!

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Posted by Kariel Win on 23 May 2012 01:34:25

{English version}{versão em Português}{Polish version}
Fala galera!

Como eu disse antes, este mês é nosso aniversário!
E temos um segundo concurso
Este é mais simples
Então a pergunta é:
-> Que presente você daria para nós ou para nosso mascote neste aniversário?
Depois de escolher um presente, explique sua decisão.

【ツ】 Neste concurso, você pode fazer apenas uma submissão
【ツ】 Você tem que enviar seus trabalhos até o final de Junho
【ツ】 Não é permitido múltiplas contas
【ツ】 Você não deve infringir as regras do
【ツ】 Lembre-se de colocar o nome do personagem e a cidade que você gostaria de receber o prêmio (no caso de você ganhar).
【ツ】 Se houver mudanças nas regras, vamos anunciá-lo nesta topico.
【ツ】 Você pode participar em ambos os concursos. (“Best Friend e Choose a present”)
【ツ】 Se você quebrar qualquer regra, você será desclassificado deste concurso
【ツ】 O envio será avaliado pela nossa equipe.
【ツ】 Seu texto deve ser postado em Inglês.(Caso você tenha alguma dificuldade em escrever em Inglês você pode pedir ajuda para alguém da nossa equipe).
【ツ】 As melhores respostas ganharão um ticket para o nosso sorteio.

Prêmios da loteria:

1 lugar: Dread

2 lugar: Golden rune embleme(de sua escolha) + 200k
3 lugar: Silver rune embleme(de sua escolha) + 100k

Suas submissões devem ser postadas neste tópico.

Se você tiver alguma dúvida, poste neste tópico.

OBS.: O gold será patrocinado pelo Daylize
Daylize World's Trade


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Posted by Kariel Win on 23 May 2012 02:24:17

{English version}{versão em Português}{Polish version}
Witamy Funtibijczyki!

W tym miesiącu obchodzimy drugie urodziny i postanowiliśmy zrobić dla was jeszcze jeden konkurs.
Ten konkurs jest o wiele łatwiejszy. Tematem konkursu jest: "Jaki prezent dałbyś naszej maskotce na urodziny?"
Po wybraniu prezentu, napisz dlaczego właśnie go wybrałeś.

【ツ】 W tym konkursie możesz dodać tylko jedną pracę.
【ツ】 Praca musi być umieszczona tutaj do końca czerwca
【ツ】Wklejanie prac na więcej niż jednym koncie jest niedozwolone
【ツ】Nie możesz złamać zasad
【ツ】Pamiętaj żebyś napisał też imię twojego chara oraz miasto do którego ma być wysłane (w razie jakbyś wygrał)
【ツ】Jeżeli bedą jakieś zmiany w zasadach, powiadomimy was o tym w tym temacie
【ツ】Możesz wziąść udział w obydwu konkursach. (“Best Friend” and “Choose a present”)
【ツ】Jeżeli złamiesz jakoś zasade, będziesz zdyskwalifikowany z tego konkursu
【ツ】Twój tekst musi być w języku angielskim. (Jeżeli znasz jakiś inny angielski niż ten oryginalny, możesz zgłosić się do nas o pomoc).
【ツ】Za najlepsze odpowiedzi dostaniecie bilet do naszej loterii

Nagrody loterii:

Pierwsze miejsce: Dread Doll

Drugie miejsce: Golden rune emblem + 200k

Trzecie miejsce: Silver rune emblem + 100k

Twoją pracę musisz dodać w tym temacie.

Jeżeli macie jakieś pytania. Napiszcie je w tym temacie.

Pieniądze sponsoruje Daylize
Daylize World's Trade
Daylize World's Trade

Bawcie się dobrze!

Posted by Baron Benjamin on 23 May 2012 12:34:38

Your dear Dread Doll will get a very practical gift from me! No football, new outfit or the new X box 360 game... He will simply get.. wait for it...

A Knife sharpening set
This must be aquired to in time not become a cuddle-doll, but rather stay the awesome-fierce-appearing-doll he is. With his long shiny and sharp knives...

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Posted by Nini on 23 May 2012 15:37:33

Kariel Win wrote:
-> What present would you give to us or for our mascot in this birthday?
After you choose a present, explain your decision.


Alas, I am so very pleased to have prepared for this special day!
"How?" you ask? I have purchased the greatest, the best, the most-filled-with-awesomeness-and-fun present from Hoaxette for FunTibia's little mascot...

<drum rolls>

A yellow pillow!

<sighs> "That's it?" you ask now?

Yes! It is simply the most ingenious invention yet and as proof of it, it might have even fooled you already!

Picture it!
You come back from a very tiring day out in the sewers keeping them nasty rats from spreading diseases to Thais...
Then there's nothing better to do than to get back to your cosy home and relax on your sofa chair...

That's when the Dread Doll who had placed his lovely birthday pillow on your sofa and was sneakily hiding behind your tapestries starts his famous wide giggle as all you can hear is... "Faaart!". :D

Or even better as you rush to your Guild Hall as you'll be late to your FunTibia staff meeting -again-, you finally arrive and everyone is impatient just waiting for you to take the last seat, you begin to apologise for your delay as you sit down...

And all voices cease as all everyone can hear in the room is... "Faaart!"

Just as the Dread Doll breaks the silence with the start of much more laughter contagious to everyone else in the room! :D

And for those and many other reasons I have chosen to present our sweetest Dread Doll with this endless source of laughs and fun with a pinch of creativity that the mascot is known to have much of!

Best wishes on your Anniversary,

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Posted by Ixtlii on 23 May 2012 17:33:29



We know that your Dread Droll is a little bit lonely and Sad.

So i would give him 1500 Demonic Essences so he can turn an other Doll into a Dread Doll!
And he never will be lonely again.
I think this is the best present ever for a lonely dread doll.

Posted by merigoma juwa on 23 May 2012 17:55:28

if I could choose any gift, I think I'd give the "gift of speech," nothing would be too hard when they know how important is their friendship, even if their friendship can not be expressed in words, they never would forget of their friendship. :)

Posted by Juhas on 23 May 2012 17:57:45

I'd give our beautiful Dread Doll a... TOOTHBRUSH AND A TOOTHPASTE!! That's because I love her smile <3

Nick:Latham Thunderbolter

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Posted by Fernanda Monteiro on 23 May 2012 18:26:15

Heyo Fun Tibia ! :)

Character : Fernanda Monteiro
City : Svargrond

Hmm as a gift for the Dread Doll .... I dont think that Dread deserves just one thing.. but a combo uh?

I would give a new Tibia city, called " Dreadland " , and who you think that is gonna be the King? The Dread Doll !!
A nice city with many, many slaves, all called as " Nightmare Knights " , and they will obey, all ( i mean all ) wishes of Dread Doll ! Wearing a nice outfit called " Jester " I think that mustache will be very fun !!
Will be the perfect city with a nice and big garden where he can cultivate their carnivorous plants !

Dread Doll says : I want a raspberry juice with a mango salad and a pink flamingo ! Now! ( Like a Boss )
Slave [ Nightmare Knight ] : I'll prepare it immediately King !

And the best " Dreadland " will be the best place to find that " Dread Doll Girl " that is so hard to find in Tibia land today .. ( Dread Girls with less Hood ! )

So my gift to Dead Doll is " Dreadland " .

Because all he wants is live like a Boss!

Posted by Brainzz on 23 May 2012 18:28:43

First, Happy Birthday FunTibia.
My greetings to our dear friend Dread Doll too.


For Dread Doll i will give a Spirit Cage made from remains of
Nightmare Shields, that belonged to Enemies called Nightmare Knights who came hunting him for so far, destroying their beloved plants where they followed him, with that cage i will bring relief to him (for having got rid of their enemies), and happines, with that Cage he can save the souls of their loved ones after death and have them around forever.

Nice to meet you
I'll be here from now, great fansite.

Seeyoulater. :*

Posted by Brother Gregory on 23 May 2012 18:29:34

My gift to the dread doll, is a beautiful bright red Spain EURO 2012 shirt, and Mr. Dread doll himself can choose any Spanish player he wishes, and have that players name and number on the back of his shirt. Then at next June's EURO 2012, he'll be cheering for Spain, the European and World Champions, and will see them win this Euro 2012, and be the first team in history to ever win a 3 major trophies in a row. Viva La Roja!

Brother Gregory

Posted by felipe13 on 23 May 2012 21:37:00

Sir Philipe

To our great pet I would give a pair of sickles and a whole new layer. I would give it as our mascot needs to go with sickles and a cloak of fear and panic to the heart of the bravest warriors and show that our mascot deserves due respect.

Congratulations to all the team FunTibia the work they do and they can continue with this for many more years.

Posted by Refuse on 23 May 2012 22:16:26

Happy Birthday!

My birthday present would be a shield of care, the best present that ever existed. Looking like a soft heart pillow it can still be a strong shield, able to protect you from all evil (and the dread doll's scythes) because it contains the power of friendship and care. And friendship cannot be broken by any outsider.
Due to it being disguised as a simple pillow you can enjoy the fun effect that occurs on the faces on your opponents when they attack you (thinking you're an easy victim) and realize that you are protected by higher forces. :)


Posted by Tala The Homeless on 23 May 2012 23:28:20

-> What present would you give to us or for our mascot in this birthday?

I would give a spellwand (item) and perhaps some chameleon runes.

It's the perfect joke items. You can turn players into frog, rat and a chicken. Even better to use on humans (players) when they have turn into costume bags (dressed like monsters), That lead to a evil joke.

chameleon rune can you dress yourself just like a item, you can stay on a roof and fool people who walk below on the street to make they come up to make it to find out there is not any item there, just a true fool who foolish around.

Dread doll should stand for jokes and foolish act, Even if some hate it. But that is the point. This item/s lead you to be a perfect fool's best tool/s.

- The Perfect Fool

Tala The Homeless
Yalahar / Celesta

Posted by Mirkaan on 23 May 2012 23:44:39

I would give the Dread Doll the best present ever!!!

It is a big: FAKE BLOOD KIT with strawberry taste..

Why would that be the best present ever? Because it's simply awesome. It could be used to play jokes on friends or foes like this example:
*Dread Doll swings its scythes and splashes lots of blood over his victim, laughing and yelling "Njahahaha you are soon dead, mohahaha!", until the victim notices it's not real blood!*

Or another one:
*Dread doll spreads a little of the blood at his ears and arms, for his victim to notice it, then plays ill and suddenly yells and fake blood squirts out his mouth and he falls on the ground playing dead for some time, then suddenly he'd say "Wanna taste? It's delicious! HUeahueUeaEHUhsua"*

Greets ^^


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Posted by RambaShazam on 24 May 2012 00:14:14

Character: Ramba Shazam
City: Thais

This year for Mr. Dread's birthday, I would give him the gift of companionship in a pet baby nightmare! This way he can be kept company at all times. They could have great fun, comparing each other's sythes for legs and all! What could be better than a new pet to spend time with?


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Posted by deusasorcererops on 24 May 2012 00:56:50

Happy Birthday!

Our Baby Monster is celebrating another year of life ...

Well ... My gift has to do with the peculiar taste of our little monster, I've seen it often savoring beetles and rotworms...
Appetizing isn't it? Ugh...

I thought I'd give this tasty fresh brain ...
I hope you enjoy .... It's just a souvenir.

Character: Deusa Sorcerer Ops
World: Amera - Thais

Posted by sirokslayer on 24 May 2012 02:18:31

Sirook Slayeer-fidera
for a dread doll the present can be a Evilina doll of the demon´s lullaby event i can be the perfect present

Posted by Spudmuffin on 24 May 2012 08:58:11

Honera - Spuddsy
City - Liberty Bay

The gift I would surprise Dread Doll with is:

A Nightmare Knight Voodoo Doll

Dread Doll would then be able to sweep the Nightmare Knights by just simply moving that Voodoo Doll about.

Also as Dread Doll is a clever, entertaining, and evil joker. She would also use the voodoo doll to be able to control their movements, such as making them dance hilariously in front of crowds to embarrass them.
And also making them do flips and cart wheels like there is no tomorrow.

Dread Doll will have the ultimate weapon to do the most funniest pranks on the so called "Nightmare" Knights.

This would be my gift to Dread Doll. :D

Posted by Timoty on 24 May 2012 10:53:49

To he, mmmm, I would like gift, mmmmmm, maxilla maximus! for he tame an undead cavebear (the best mount for his brotherhood outfit), and a magic wand! for he use when he go running for anyplace on the creature and making jokes in the people transforming them into chickens :D <pook pook>

Cya, have fun! ;D

Azul Rock

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Posted by Riczi on 24 May 2012 12:40:16


present is : 2x wing :D
In this special day, I would like to give for Dread Doll a special gift:
A cup of luck would be nice, but don't really metter is the size,
a pot of gold would be a good, but what he will do if thief him Robin Hood
meaby just a frozen stralight, he could fight in the light,
meaby music box, but it can be for him a shock,
all I thought should be thing, but for Dread Doll it will be 2 times wing !
2 times wing, 2 times wing no one will catch him since today it's everything.

Posted by gustavoalves12 on 24 May 2012 17:17:10

Amera-Shirax Shyenzux

My idea is holidays to Dread Doll.Dread doll in Meriana with jester doll telling jokes, with drinks of Epaminondas Doll, and the king of thais and queen of carlin telling stories, and at the end of the day a party to celebrate his birthday.


Posted by Coles on 24 May 2012 21:47:27

Carathor Coles
Port Hope

I Will Give he a Reins to he tame a black sheep

Posted by Rafaela on 24 May 2012 22:36:55


For Dread doll, my gift would be a Spellweaver's Robe, because as the anniversary a special date and you should be more fashion for your birthday party than in others days of the year, so nothing better than a new purple cloack embroidered with gold thread.


Posted by Alice on 24 May 2012 23:23:17

Lady ila /yalahar

My present is a surprise party with a big cake, beer and food and all npc from tibia and monsters will be there and ofc queen eloise and king tibianus.

i think is nice idea on present like this
1.- because we have fun together
2.- guests bring more gifts
3.-and the most importan the friendship is the best gift you can give

srry for my bad english

Edited by Alice on 24 May 2012 23:25:48

Posted by K3no on 25 May 2012 00:24:43

Hell with all the boring answers , I would give the dread doll a girl - Queen eloises doll!

Chinese Cat

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Posted by Mack Kard on 25 May 2012 01:22:11

Hard to choose...
I would give away to the "Dread Doll" my favorite item in Tibia, a Yellow Rose, why? because I know what would make anyone happy to have something like that! :D

Mack Kard

Posted by Lady Tynha on 25 May 2012 02:09:41

For our favorite mascot,I'd like to give the perfect gift,which he likes and useful too! (:
And the perfect gift is...a backpack with a lots of Rust Removers!To their scythes are always polished and shiny!
Yeah!He will have a stylish and flawless look! :D

Happy Birthday!!

Lady Elefantynha

Posted by TimothyPendragon on 25 May 2012 02:38:40

Timothy Pendragon

My present to The Dread Doll would make any Tibia player envious. It would be a trip to Germany where he would meet all the creators and employees of CipSoft! This of course would be followed by a party in his honor with everyone he had just met.
Imagine playing birthday games with Guido and the other CipSoft employees... THAT would be a birthday to remember.
Perhaps while he was there he could convince them to ban the wretched Nightmare Knights so his reign of terror could truly begin!

Posted by Arkindrakin on 25 May 2012 22:33:26

My present would be given to the Dread Doll. For such a grim and scary figure, it is often hard to have fun. Therefore I would give him a mask, similar to the ones from certain horror/scary movies. The black mask with a white face but the face would be very silly. The mask would have the tongue sticking out and would be smiling. The mask would make it very easy for the Dread Doll to have fun with everyone else on Tibia and enjoy all his experiences.

Liberty Bay

Posted by Elais on 26 May 2012 06:03:26

My present is for the staff of funtibia!!!
I would like to give you all a private jet to be used for whatever you please. You could all fly to each other for visits since you all live in different countries (Poland, Brazil etc). You may even want to fly to Tibia HQ to meet the CM's. You could also fly to members of funtibia for certain events if you were brave enough to see us in real-life :P.
Just don't overdo the frequent flyer miles! :D

Hope you enjoy my present,

Liberty Bay

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Posted by Tempinho on 26 May 2012 23:44:43

I would give a brother
He seems lonely, so should get a brother, the two could investigate the map of the tibia together or go to the beach, or go to the forest are numerous things that could make

Name: Bolex Paladin
City : Thais
1 lugar: Dread Doll

Posted by Zyz on 27 May 2012 07:29:21

Zyz Drutex

Dear Dread Doll, I will give you something special, a FLAMING SCYTHES! Yeah! Flaming! :) Now you can not only slash your enemies but you can burn them! Is it not funny to see bruning monster? Yes, it is! :D Especially if that would be a demon. :P Imagine that. Burning demon that shout "HELP! I'm burning!!!" xD

Enjoy your new present and have fun!

Posted by Darusio on 27 May 2012 17:49:45

Hello FunTibia Crew! :)

I would give for your mascot in this birthday diamond sharpener due to which blades of Dread Doll daggers will always be ready to use :)

Darusio - Yalahar-Celesta.

Posted by abiston on 27 May 2012 21:42:32

The Magical Amusing Kit

This is a kit containing four magical tools which aims to entertain people.

The first item is the Humoradar. This is a special radar that can detects happiness, sadness, rage, anguish, good mood and some other feelings that are close to you. If the Dread Doll had it, it could easily detect an upset person close to it and then try to amuse this person. When finding a happy person, the Dread Doll could gather some more positive energy to itself. This way, the Doll could spread hapiness easier.

The second item of the kit is Bozo's Official Guide. As you know, Bozo is the Royal Jester of Thais and works to entertain King Tibianus.
Making such important and famous King is not an easy task and demmands a lot of effort, different tricks and jokes and a lot of knowledge on how to deal with many different moods and situations. This is why Bozo has decided to get closer to a few magicians and convince them to help him to "write" a book.

This book, however, is not written only. In addition to many written jokes and funny stories, this book gives you many different costumes so that you can disguise properly to each tale/joke and you can also change your voice to make your jokes even funnier. This guide can even change the place around you. If your story/joke takes place in a circus, then you everything around will get decorated like a circus. If your story takes place in the King Garden, then everything around you is going to be transformed in this garden and so on. As a consequence, Bozo's Guide will be a great tool for the Dread Doll because it will be perfect to create a funny and amusing environment, where a lot of positive energy can shine!

The third item is a tool that will inflict laughing! There always are sullen people who do not like to listen to jokes or cannot stand practical jokes and therefore they do not laugh/smile easily. However, for these people, there is an easy solution! The Laugh Feather is an enchanted item that will make anyone have a blast while tickling him/her. Even people who are not sensitive cannot escape from its magic! So if you meet a Dread Doll that has The Laugh Feather, you can ignore its jokes, its smile, its tales but keep in mind that you cannot ignore the feather. You are "cursed" with amusement, surly human!

The last but not less important tool of the kit is the Bag of Laughs. Whenever someone laughs, you can open this bag and the person's laugh will be kept inside of it (as if it were recorded). You can also open this bag to "release" the laughing after telling a joke or when someone is depressed. You cannot deny that listening to someone laughing usually makes you at least smile. With this tool, the Dread Doll could always keep a sample of laughing it caused and can always makes its jokes and energy funnier.


Posted by eurides-eas on 29 May 2012 08:21:44


My gift to your mascot will be the new mount: flamingo rider.

I wanna give this gift because this is the best fun costume, it's very funny and you can make exercices walking (or running eheheheheh) in the street xD.

Sir healler
Unitera - Thais


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Posted by Excellent on 31 May 2012 11:58:33

First of all: I want to say HII :D:D, I just started to play tibia (3-4 days now?) and I am starting to join fansites and stuff so ye.. here I am :D.

Name: Abandoned Outlaw
City: Venore

The awesome dread doll is being used as a decorated doll, if he's unlucky he has no fellow decorated dolls around him and will only sit there catching dust.. soo what do I am going to give to the dread doll?

I will host a surprise party for the dread doll, I will ask the dread doll if he wants to go on a adventure with me at the plains of Havoc, I tell him I wait at the stairs of venore (south-west gate).

The dread doll will go towards the stairs, he goes down and WAITT!!!, bottles of beer/wine/rum pops open, balloons fly around, hundreds of players screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!!..

Once he shaked hands with some of the inhabits of Venore and received some gifts we will travel with a parade to the city Thais, on our way people are standing at the side line with their dolls and summoned monsters to celebrate his birthday, once in Thais king Tibianus shakes the hand of the dread dolls and gives him a special crown, designed for the dread doll!, after that we head to the bar to party untill the late nights.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little "story" atleast I had fun making this ^^

Edit: some typo's =P

Edited by Excellent on 31 May 2012 12:02:02

Posted by Kazu on 02 June 2012 17:02:37

My present for the Dread Doll is a wheat farm! The doll is sad because it feels like it has no use, and is only
loved because of its looks. With the wheat farm the doll will get a job, a purpose, a hobby and it will rule the cutting of the wheat like a boss. No one can do the job as good as the Dread Doll and it will be the happiest, and greatest (!), farmer of all times.

Name: Kazumus
World: Calmera
Town: Venore

Edited by Kazu on 02 June 2012 17:03:36

Posted by Mukkinha on 09 June 2012 12:17:35

My choice is the dark lord's cape. I will tell the story of how I got this cape and how I knew that this was our friend wanted and also because I decided to give him a cape...

"... a few weeks ago I was talking to our dear friend and fluffy "dread doll " and I knew his birthday was near. With great skill and care I got great information from our friend, he always dreamed of winning a wonderful cover called "dark lord's cape."
So over the night, I ran into town and started screaming "BUY DARK LORD'S CAPE FAST!", Two days of frustration! until a good soul comes up to me and says he knew the secret of that cape ... but I had to take too many risks and face the most dangerous demon in the land of Tibia, who lived in the depths of a volcano. It was in the depths of this famous volcano located in Goroma, faced frightening creatures, dragons and demons until arriving at the place of battle.
He was very powerful, with a spell invented by the greatest magician already seen in the tibia, the powerful magic to summon demons, for my surprise he perfected this magic and 6 demons was invoked , at the same time.
After much effort and use of powerful magic that could defeat the beast back to the depths of the volcano, leaving your body false and with it the cape of our favorite friend "dread doll" "

I'm sure he'll be very happy to know that I went through this sacrifice, to give his cape so dreamed.

we all know that our friend likes to dress up, and of course q I would do anything to get to our friend seems more and more beautiful. because he is one of the most fun of the tibia, deserves to dress well, nothing like the cape's most beautiful and coveted land of Tibia. And I also wanted whenever he dressed for dinner in a restaurant or a walk with a future girlfriend, he remembered me, his great friend who gave him this gift.


Edited by Mukkinha on 09 June 2012 12:31:36

Posted by Leozinho on 09 June 2012 23:46:52

Character: Leon Levier
City: Thais

Hello Fun Tibia!!!

The perfect present for our mascot dread doll is the demon set , with these equipment dread doll will spread more dread in other creatures and in us rsrsrsrs

Posted by flashano on 12 June 2012 23:47:12

Flashano Skon

I always thought the Dread doll longed for the kingdom of Thais and that's the reason it sometimes has appeared in the royal castle. So I think the Dread doll deserve the king Tibianus's throne and I would give it for him. :D

Posted by vitor_gordo on 18 June 2012 16:40:48

Happy Birthday FunTibia;

my gift to the Dear Dread Doll would be a Teddy Bear.
but because the Teddy Bear?
because during the cold and lonely nights she will sleep with the a lovely bear in a warm hug.

Ultimate Bolt

Edited by vitor_gordo on 18 June 2012 17:18:10

Posted by Relsiegpk on 19 June 2012 21:29:03


I would give to the Dread Doll a house, with a chimney, a carpet, a table and some chairs, near Depot in Thais, he'll meet and socialize with people as he is terrible because a bad girl broke his heart in two in the past :(

Kind regards,

Posted by Van Alexander on 24 June 2012 09:24:45

Van Alexander.

My Gift for you is a book , the mystic "Grey Tome"

What? Do you think that a book is bored? O.o NO,NO,NO you Are wrong

Maybe If You Read it you will know many secrets of Tibia, Secrets that not much people know in this days.

Hehe I dont Know maybe you can find Treasures, Fame, Friends and Adventures.... or Maybe You Can Find Answers to Questions like:

What Are Behind of the door in banuta of lvl 999 O.o

How arrive at the basilisk Room?

Hehe In Your Adventures maybe you can find a mystic items Maybe a Blessed Shield, mmm a Longsword or What about a dragon scale helmet O.o

You Are a Mystic Creature this things could be interesting for you

I hope that my gift like you xD cYA and happy Birthday

Posted by Michaldus Faeth on 25 June 2012 20:40:48

My perfect gift would be a Nightmares Doll.
why? It would be the perfect gift for that Dread Doll would be identified with the Nightmares Doll already that have the same quality of having a type of blades in their bodies, in addition to that the two creatures are little valued by society for their dark appearance.

Posted by Fenelez on 25 June 2012 21:20:59

For the birthday present of our little scary but yet funny mascot, I Fenelez would like to give him his very own camera! With a camera he could capture all of the fun events happening around him and carry them around for ages! :)

Happy birthday from Fenelez!

Warrior, Antica

Posted by Nattfasa on 25 June 2012 22:00:45

For this years birthday i would like to give the litle Dread Doll, a pretty unique gift.
Our lite fellow does not want to be a part of the lonelyness anymore. So therefore i want to give it a pair of hands.
No longer will the doll need to intimidate people with his massive "scytheish" hands. It can now reach out for another without scarying him/her off.

- Grab someone's hand and make that "someone" your friend, dear Dread Doll!
For what is a birthday all alone?

Name: Joker Lady
City: Venore

Posted by Lizezzy on 25 June 2012 22:26:07

Hello and Happy birthday Mr. Dread! ^^

For your special day i'll offer you my company and a perfect day! You may wish anything, and i'll try my best to make it so, for this one special day in a year!
May there be many many more years!

If you like my gift and my company, then maybe we can stay together forever and ill give you a home to stay at! So in the evenings while drinking cup of hot chocolate you may tell about ur amazing advatures and jokes youve made that day! I'd love that, and i hope you too! :)

With love,
Lunatic van Dark (Venore)

Posted by rasoir0591 on 25 June 2012 23:04:48

I know what he will need.
Now it's summer and warm, but in winter he will need Long Leather Gloves with Fluff.
Iron freezes very quickly so it will be useful.

World Isara

Posted by daffodillaz on 25 June 2012 23:15:50


i would give your dread doll, a clown costume, so it can disguise itself and continue its dreadful mission with ease. After all no one gets suspicious of a cute clown =)

Posted by BeastMode on 25 June 2012 23:16:09

Personally, I think the dread Doll is fine as it is. However, one more addition would probably obviously how you get the addon itself. Put some kind of demonic Essence around it somewhere. Either on the middle of the shirt, a few dancing around the character, or even on the scythes.

Personally this is the best looking doll in the game. So the only change i would make would be just adding the demonic essence shape or colors in with it.

beast mode mage / edron

I have a house in edron that would look great with this if i could get it. :D

Posted by Nane on 25 June 2012 23:21:32

Hey! Happy birthday!!
I was thinking about posting here or not, but efter I see this little cute dool, I couldnt stop myself. here I am, so...
Dread Doll is so cool, but to become 100% cool is missing something.
Dear Dread Doll, I am giving to you "the sunglasses of hell" more or less like this one ;)!
Have fun!

Posted by Noga Feagim on 26 June 2012 00:19:53

My gift for Dread Doll.
This is a Grim Reaper Doll
I think the best gift we can receive is a doll that is like yourself.
The Grim Reaper Doll has the same origin and share a mythical evil creatures that only the most powerful possess.
The Grim Reaper Doll and Dread Doll feel that the world is unfair to them by their appearance.

Posted by Zero on 26 June 2012 00:36:35

It is getting wormer outside and for sure the poor Dread Doll is sweating a lot under those cloths. So my present for her would be a change of cloths. Something more fitting to the new season - summer, maybe a swimming suit with some spikes on it to scare away pesky boys. And as a addition to the suit new scythes in a shape that would allow faster swimming in the water.

Kuro no Shinigami

Edited by Zero on 26 June 2012 00:38:08

Posted by Azurai on 26 June 2012 01:36:17

Hmm, tough call indeed.

I would venture down into the pits of inferno, give mister dread doll the royal tour, showing him each of the throne rooms.

Then, to top it all off, I would summon forth the ruthless seven themselves and have them sign their autographs in blood for mister dread doll.

Mister dread doll would be the envy of all other mascots!

Character: Azurai
World: Solera
Home Depot: Ab'Dendriel

Good luck everyone!

Edited by Azurai on 26 June 2012 01:36:47

Posted by Ameriov on 26 June 2012 02:48:34

My little doll, beloved one
Past last two years, we had so much fun
You tried to fool people like a jester
That's why Your favourite word is pester
Your sharpened blades made heroes cry
And eyes that tells "You're going to die"
Some of them might not get the joke
They rather had, pretty much, deadly stroke
But this is Your birthday, so here's Your gift
Book full of good jokes, I did the sift
You will entertain now everyone
Even the kids, a dog, or mum
So I hope You will enjoy this
And here's the bonus- a sweety kiss :*

Ameriov the Punisher

Posted by Teshi on 26 June 2012 02:54:17

I would give Mr. Dread Doll a medusa doll to travel around with because her hair would be lively and talkative... and people are just as afraid of being turned to stone...

This way, he would have someone to talk to and cuddle with, and she would have someone to wave her snakey hair about towards and hiss at.

Happy birthday!

Posted by Arual Icerias on 26 June 2012 04:32:30

Arual Icerias
Port Hope

For Dread Doll's birthday I would give him the best surprise birthday party ever! We would have it at my house in Port Hope. I would make a chocolate cake (the best cake!) from scratch with only the finest ingredients! All his minions (I mean friends) would attend. We will have mead imported from Svargrond and only the finest dishes from Jean Pierre. We will have fireworks, party hats, and costumes specially made by Stan. This party would definitely be the talk of Tibia for many years to come!

Posted by Dark Black Magician on 26 June 2012 05:22:30

Dark Black Magician

My present are very simple. I'll wrap it in a gift box.
This present is different .. that is purchased during the month of April, with Hoaxette, a woman who likes to play and is walking around Thais.
You would see the present and would try to find out what was inside him, and would hear something within him, something that looks pretty cool, but when you open it: KABOOOOOOOOOOM!

Oh, do not be sad, it was fun to see shock in your face , hahahahahaha!

Posted by Adivali on 26 June 2012 06:23:29

For the Dread Doll`s birthday, I would give him a box of bandaids (carrying around such sharp weapons all the time would no doubt lead to many accidents!) Ofc I would buy `Tibia bandaids`, not Barbie or Princess bandaids because I don`t think he would use them ;)

Adivali, Thais (Refugia)

Posted by Wingheaven on 26 June 2012 06:55:22

Ha! A present to Dready!! Been waiting long time for this!
- After long fights against loads of demons, ive gathered 1600 demonic essences waiting for this moment!
To bring Dready back to life!
You'll ask, why? I will explain!
Dolls are dolls, tibia is a game, games are to have fun! What's the point?
I would bring all those essences to The Bone Master, so he could bring Dready to real life and enjoy tibia with me, Wingheaven and Dready hunting around demons over and over!
Perfect union id say!
Happy Birthday!

Kind regards,

Edited by Wingheaven on 26 June 2012 07:01:17

Posted by Petman on 26 June 2012 07:08:54


I would like to give him a Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop DVDs collection. You know, after a hard day at work we like to reach home, sit down in our favorite sofa chair and watch TV. So why not Dredie?

I imagine him watching this, in his chalet (still paying it), drinking a soda and trying to find out how to repair his broken shoe sewing. for those who doesnt know Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop :P


Edited by Petman on 26 June 2012 07:12:53

Posted by Alux on 26 June 2012 07:51:43

I would give the dread doll something that could be fun, something that increases your happiness by being a birthday, I would give some rocks of the underworld to sharpen your knife hands and when it does out of its blades many sparks and so their laughter increases.

Happy birthday FunTibia.

Alux music/Thais

Posted by Shionk on 26 June 2012 08:49:28

Oh, cmom, its Dread Doll's birthday
what's a better present than a party? not a simple party, but a party that which Dreadie deserves (that's how I call her, we are bff ;D)
Dreadie parents are too rich, they are throwing away tons of cash and rune emblems, Dreadie already got a lot of gifts from them, that's why a party is better, it gives the better of gifts: lots of laughs and happiness.
But she deserves a party with her friends, of course Impward, Whinona, Evilina and Meandi‎‎ are invited to blow up everything \o/. All the dolls are invited to come, but im not sure about the Stuffed Dragon.. Last time he came, he sneezed and five dolls turned into Torn Teddies ;O
When Dreadie saw it, just said: "Mhausheausheu! What a FAIL! Mwahaha"

And that's all folks :P

(Julera - Blue Blink Boy - Yalahar)

Posted by Dros on 26 June 2012 09:20:11


I would give our Dread doll (TURN TABLES) so he could scratch some mad beats to us Tibians ;)

Posted by pepeszka on 26 June 2012 15:42:12

My gift would be.... a house! A house in venore, Where the doll would make a big birthday party and put all the gifts from tibians! And from venore its not far to Brotherhood of bones headquarters!

Player name: Elite Pepeszka
City: Thais
(server: Aurora)

Posted by tuni on 26 June 2012 16:56:48


First of all congratulations!
My present would be for you and your mascot. My present would be Myself. Maybe it would be more present for me than for you but I think we would have very nice moments together.
Playing with your mascot would be dangerous and in the same time it would bring me an adrenaline rush, what it's like hunting in very dangerous places in Tibia.
So I would gift a whole life (and maybe deathtime too XD) of entertimement together.

Posted by Mirkwilt on 26 June 2012 23:46:20

Character: Mirkwilt
City: Ankrahmun

My dear Dread Doll, I know that you've been suffering along these days, cause loneliness is, surely, one of the worst things in the world.

So, I would like to affectionately offer you a little gift, but remember: with the best intentions.

Well, enough talking... What I would like to offer you is a Maxilla Maximus!
With one of these, you can take your time hunting an Undead Cavebear and even tame it!

Imagine it, you will have a loyal friend that will always be with you and will even carry you!

And I can see in the way that you dress that you are member of the Brotherhood of Bones!

A member of the Brotherhood of Bones with a Undead Cavebear is just AWESOME!!!

Posted by Winklez on 27 June 2012 02:27:20

'Ello. I would give the mascot a mount. This mount would be a flying unicorn of DEATH:o.

Why you may ask? I'm sure the little bugger gets tired of walking, so a flying mount would do him great justice. (Unless he's got a weight problem, of course). Also, it's a unicorn of DEATH:o. It kills. And it's a unicorn. That flies.


Posted by Lurfaan on 27 June 2012 02:29:11

The gift that Dread Doll will get from me would be a Jester Doll because Dread Doll seems sad and i think that he would be happier with a friend.


Posted by roariks on 27 June 2012 03:50:42

I would have to say that if I was going to give our Dread Doll a gift, it would be the ability to cast the spell "exevo pan". That way it would never ever go hungry and would be able to make food to share with all of us at funtibia!

"If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. xD

Dien Brunorta

Edited by roariks on 27 June 2012 03:51:18

Posted by orzeu on 27 June 2012 04:55:03

Bezprym - Darashia

I would pass a Skeletal Warhorse to Dread Doll so it can roam around the world and haunt lone travelers. Every human who hears Warhorse's demonic grunt is believed to be unlucky for ages. Skeletal Warhorse snort can be sometimes heard near Black Knight's house. Warhorse was risen by Gods from Black Knight's beloved horse after it was lethally hit by collapsing house. It used to accompany him while he commandeered Royal Army.

The warhorse would walk slowly and leave mysterious light blue mist marking his track for a while.

Dread Dool would be happy to have loyal companion and be respected.

Posted by Kurenai Genkai on 27 June 2012 05:03:05

Our friend Dread Doll deserves a super gift in 2012.
For this I had to push myself very hard to bring up here to get your gift.
It is with much sweat but the bottom of my heart that I will impart a beautiful mount a nightmare I managed to tame one of my hunting for that great tibia, and you and he was sad and lonely, needy for a friend.
And I'm sure you two together will make friends FunTibia much happier: D

Kurenai Genkai

Edited by Kurenai Genkai on 27 June 2012 05:09:06

Posted by Dahlia on 27 June 2012 08:54:18

In a remote place, inside of a magnificent town where everyone laughed, dreamed and sometimes summoned horrible demons that satisfy the dark humor of this village, prince Dread Doll was celebrating his 2nd birthday. He was amused with a dance over red-hot coal (he was not participating, of course, and apparently he was the only one having fun with it). When the dance was over three dark fairies came to offer Prince Dread Doll their presents. The first fairy put at his feet a legendary weapon and said: mighty Prince, I offer you The Maze of Fury, a mighty weapon with whom you'll be able to be as strong as Februmbras and spread the chaos all over the Tibian world. The Dread Doll asked her: And what am I supposed to do when I'm done with everybody? That’s quite boring. And he put her in flames. The second fairy was a little bit nervous but she offered her present and said: His Dreadiness, I offer you the Boots of Waterwalking; with them you'll be able to make several jokes when you cross all oceans and surprise everybody. Again, the prince asked her: What am I supposed to do in the middle of the ocean? Getting bored as a palm tree in a small island?...without coconuts!? And he turned her into ashes. The third fairy was shivering, and no sooner had she took out a beautiful Eskimo doll the prince had burned her down. He said: You don't give a doll to another doll. That's stupid.
Prince Dread Doll was disappointed but then a dark mage arrived to offer him another present, he was aware of what he had done to the three fairies so he started:
-Wait! Don’t kill me I got you the best present ever. Because you know the rules and so do I. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of! You wouldn't get this from any other dark mage. My Dreadiness, I promise I never gonna give you up, I never gonna let you down.
Before this dark mage offered him his great present, Prince Dread Doll decided to make the dark mage himself his best present. So he trapped him in a 80s video and made him sing a catchy song for all eternity. And he made an odd joke out of this video that amused him for a long time.

That's why I believe the best present for Dread Doll is Rick Astley!

Liberty Bay (Lunara)

Edited by Dahlia on 27 June 2012 08:58:02

Posted by Zeth Kena on 27 June 2012 12:04:51

Zeth Kena

Firstly, a very happy birthday to all the staff and, of course, Dread Doll!

Dread Doll is notorious for his practical jokes rivaled by none other than Bozo the Jester himself; his scythes for hands make for worthy additions. Although these metallic limbs make normal everyday tasks from cooking all the way down to doing the laundry, quite a hassle, one of the few things that they allow him to excel at is gardening. That's right, gardening! What would take a tiquandan to prune, clip and trim a garden, Dread Doll can do it in half the time!

That's why i've decided to give Dread Doll a gardening book for his birthday. In no time, even the Elves of Ab'dendriel will be jealous of Dread Dolls garden!

Edited by Zeth Kena on 27 June 2012 12:08:12

Posted by AirRome on 27 June 2012 18:22:43

Hallo and a happy birthday to the FunTibia stuff and the Dread Doll!
Thanks for making such an interesting fansite!

My present would be the following:

I would surprise you, the FunTibia and the DreadDoll with a biiig Birthday-Party, I would be the DJ (my Hobby :) ) and let escalate the whole party until noone can stand anymore
and falls asleep... Well you will think "What a nice party..." but the main present is yet to come hehehehe...

Since the DreadDoll loves to play tricks on everyone it is time to play a trick on You and the DreadDoll!
While you sleep i would draw your faces and bodies and would build pyramids with furniture and put you sleeping on top of them! As soon as you wake up
you will get some baddass surprise! Boooom! What a fun :)
Just like in the music video of Justice´s "We are your friends".
I am not sure if it´s allowed to post links for videos here, please remind if not.

To make it more visual:
( no hack you can google it :D )
Have Fun and a nice Birthday! :)

Blade Rome

Edited by AirRome on 27 June 2012 18:33:35

Posted by kikalu on 28 June 2012 01:30:15

Character: Cute Sofia
World: Trimera
City: Thais

The best gift for the Dread Doll can be:

A Draken Doll Girl!! why?B)
Since Dread Doll feel lonely, nothing is better than having a Draken girlfriend to do naughtiness, go hunting, makes jokes, be the perfect couple and have babies:D(Baby name: DreKend) but especially that the Dread Doll may have a soul mate who can love and protect forever and never again feel alone or be alone;)

I think this is the perfect gift for the Dread Doll<3
*Sorry for the bad English is because im from Chile and my English is not so good*:)

Edited by kikalu on 28 June 2012 01:31:09

Posted by fawniee on 28 June 2012 03:09:22

My gift to dread doll is very simple is a magic wand to make everything he want or wish to be fulfilled, Dread only have to say the magic words: (kaboom booom) and what he wish will come true:). And I give a Nightmare Scion to Doll Dread to not feel alone anymore and can share with his new friend, the magic wand for make pranks to King Tibianus and Queen Eloise and can have partys with demons, dragons and Nightmare Scion Girl.:D

Char:Lady of samantha ; City:Yalahar ; World:Trimera

Posted by Karl on 28 June 2012 07:43:46

Present: A Beach Backpack, containing 50 Honeycombs and a Waterball.

Reason: For our Dready, I must say: must be stressing to be after foul souls and keep guiding them through eternity... So I think that, at least in this anniversary, Dready must have a little time off! I think that one day at Meriana's Beach, with the Mermaid would be good for him. And then, I'll give him my present! With Honeycombs, Dready can persuade the Mermaid that he is friendly, and with the Waterball, both can play and have a good time. I was thinking about a Valentine Card, but I think its too early to use this... Maybe on the next chapters...

Tina Exflare

Edited by Karl on 28 June 2012 07:46:59

Posted by Shengso on 28 June 2012 09:03:30

I would buy whole forge(one slave taken from Nightmare Knights included) as present for Dread Doll.
Why? To let those awesome blades be sharp and shiny for evah.

Also i would leave a pack of ice-creams in the forge.
Why? C'mon, Everyone likes ice-creams.

Edited by Shengso on 28 June 2012 09:05:56

Posted by jakobmiller on 28 June 2012 11:32:51

I would give your Dread Doll new and more awesome blades. The ones he has has become old and boring, so to make his smile even bigger. NEW BLADES!

Posted by Equinox on 29 June 2012 03:16:56

Character: Azsesino Oskuro
City: Thais

Well, Dread Doll is characterized by making prank & being the funniest doll of Tibia, so he deserves something that will fit his pranks.
To find his perfect present, I traveled to one of his favorite cities, Thais. So there I went to the Jester of King Tibianus, guessing who?? ... Yeah , I went to Bozo.
After doing some task for him, travelling a lot, & well falling on his pranks, I finally got his PRANK KIT!!!
With this or beloved pranker Dread Doll, can maximize his jokes & spend lots of time laughing, & enjoying himself.
Dread Doll will be having lot's of fun, & well... you have to admitted, his pranks are the best!!

Happy anniversary FunTibia!

Posted by Scrholl on 29 June 2012 09:07:32

Which present would be the best for the FunTibia Dread Doll?

It's easy. All we have to think it's what normal women like most?

They like to get beautifull and ellegant! For that, normal women use makeups, perfume, skin lotions, and many other cosmethic products to make them forever young.

However, the Dread Doll is not a Human. It is an other race. Different from the women, the beauty for the Dread Doll is to maintain his scythes polished, and her expression a bit morbid but not losing the happiness that she spread all over his friends.

It's easy to think how the Dread Doll like to be. Just compare it to Cruella de Vil, from 101 Dalmatians. Cruella's face is morbid but she is always fashioned, with lots of different coats. She always goes trendy.

That's why, me, left Refugia, and contacted Cruella de Vil to budget a present to the Dread Doll Anniversary.

Cruella told me she has the new and revolutionary beauty salon. Then I had the idea to buy as present to the Dread Doll :


Cruella told me what the best she will have in the salon:

1- The Essence of a Dalmatian Cry Perfume: this unique perfume was made by the most wanted French "good-smelling-sniffers".

2- 104 dalmatian's shampoo: this Shampoo will make the Dread Doll hair be smooth and bright like from those beautifull dalmatians

3- Sample of Cinderella's favourite skin lotion: this rare lotion is very expensive, and only one drop of it will make all skin of your body smooth and clean
PS.: Cruella don't like people ask her where she got this lotion.

4- Walt Disney Movies: all the time in the salon, the Dread Doll can watch the Walt Disney Movies. It includes all the famous ones.

5- De Vil's Spa: The biggest Spa ever seen will be used by the Dread Doll! It's just in the left side of the Hell Hall from the salon that the Doll will see that this trip is the BEST she ever did.

"YES! I WANT ONE MORE DAY HERE!" will be the words of the Dread Doll after she pass one day at this salon!

That's the perfect present I'll give to you! Hope you enjoy it the most! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

PS.: it took me long time to Cruella answer my callings, and the daily at her salon is worth my life!


Posted by luminis on 29 June 2012 10:42:59

Song for Dread Doll in this link:

YouTube Video

Luminis Et Anima

Edited by luminis on 29 June 2012 10:46:11

Posted by Zimmer on 30 June 2012 00:35:32

To our meanie dread doll I would give a big shiny present box, with huge loop on top of it.Present box would smell like a fresh baked cookies - thats to this dread doll would feel more happy! What would be inside of the present? Unicorn? Demon trophy? No.. Inside he would find a big, angry.. Skunk! Yeah, thats right! A meany joker would get a joke himself! I bet he wouldnt mind, at the end its only a joke.. Who knows, mayby those two can team up and make jokes around Tibia together!? Happy bday!

Character: Zimmiee
City: Liberty Bay

Posted by Holy girl on 30 June 2012 01:14:54

Holy girl

Dear Funtibia & Dread Doll,

Wishing you all a very special Birthday! Keep up the great website/tibia news and of course the funny storys XD

For your 2 Year Birthday I would have to give a present to your cute Dread Doll, this present would be a way for Dread to roam the tibian lands playing pracks and having fun with the tibian inhabitants.

I would give a gift of a companion which would be a mount of a fire breathing dragon (with the same colours as Dread), Dread could use this creature to fly around tibian lands, breathing fire, teasing people and being able to travel a lot quicker or to run away after a prank!

The dragon would have special reins that attach to his legs, so to avoid his swords/daggers and be able to fly to the top of hills/structures/buildings to view his pranks from a safe distance.


Posted by Luzei on 30 June 2012 05:13:18

Character: Luzei
City: Liberty bay
World: Antica

I believe we all want Dread doll to be happy and smile all the time so...
Id give him a lot of explosive presents! So he would be able to go around pranking everyone! That would be so fun for him and he wouldnt get bored of it. Everytime someone would open an explosive present Dread doll would show his beautiful smile <3.

Posted by James Dark on 30 June 2012 18:55:13

I would give him a Bucket of Nightmare Babys so he can train his BEST friend himself!

Posted by quike87 on 30 June 2012 19:35:53


What I would like to give as a present to Dread Doll is just a present made by me! An special 'Surprise dread box' that's is like a normal surprise box, when you try to open it a doll appears so fast from the inside on a big spring, but as I made by myself I putt a mini Dread doll into it to make it funniest!!! I'm pretty sure Dread will like it, 'cause he'll recibe a surprise by opening it and he'll love it when he sees himself into it!!!!! If you want a pic of it I can make it for sure!!!
Happy birthday!!!!
Zuryhan (Lunara), Venore

Posted by Chinxila felpuda on 30 June 2012 21:06:47

My gift for you guys, FunTibia staff would be simple but precious! VACATIONS on Hawaii, surfing and sunbathing with no responsibilities whatsoever, because I guess that being admin, moderator and stuff takes a lot of time and effort.
For the Dread Doll, I'd give a pair of hipster sunglasses, because not only living in the darkness might affect your vision when you come out in the sun, but having red eyes and being scary is too mainstream.

Chinxila felpuda, Pacera, Venore.

Posted by Enstone on 30 June 2012 22:58:49


Dear Doll... It is nearly a year since you suddenly start to appear in Thaian castle. Later you were changed to Queen Eloise... to ordinary doll... But now you are here, ready to fun like always!
So, I want you to never ever repeat it. I guess you have chosen the royal castle, because you wanted to be close to beloved king Tibianus.
That is why my gift to you is this pretty model of the King, blessed by himself and his greatest mages. No, it's not a simple doll! It is just like real king - moving, talking, everything in the same way as the real one. You can travel with it easily - see this button, here? It'll minimize to parts and you can put it everywhere.
I hope it will make you happy and you won't scare anyone in castle again.
Happy Birthday!


Posted by gigaknight on 01 July 2012 00:46:51

Needless to point out, there can be no true party without awesome costumes.
Therefore, it would be my pleasure to give our deadful friend the very best present imaginable: a 150k gp gift card for Stan's fabulous costume shop in Venore!
Now the most dreadful creatures and foes shall assist and have fun at Tibia's best costume party ever! :)

Thais :P

Edited by gigaknight on 01 July 2012 00:47:57

Posted by tibiaarss on 01 July 2012 01:55:29

Player name : Akamal
City : Carlin

I think the perfect gift for our mascot would be an metal drums! because then she could play what He wanted! because by then it was not possible (where the blades cut the drums all the time ...) and only then he would be accepted in the band "Fun Nightmare"! composed of the Banshee (vocals), Undead Jester (bass) and Lich (guitar)! because once the skeleton (former drummer) became a Lost soul was no longer porssible ... (his arms are stuck ...)

Edited by tibiaarss on 01 July 2012 01:56:06

Posted by Kariel Win on 01 July 2012 06:11:49

-Contest End-