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Spring into Life
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18-04-2015 01:06 AM Spring into Life

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Again it is the time of the year when dragon mothers hatch their eggs to send out their dangrous breed to set the Tibian lands on fire.

From April 16 until April 23, almost every dragon lair will be filled with newborn dragon hatchlings.

Sharpen your blades! Sharpen your shiver arrows! Get your avalanche and icicle runes! Show them that Tibians are not afraid of fire, but beware: more hatchlings will follow and get out of their eggs until the dragon breeding season is over again! As a reward for your bravery, every dragon hatchling will yield 25% more experience.

In addition, five surprise nests are hidden in most of the cities and with some luck, you might find something nice in them. Furthermore, rabbits, chickens, and silver rabbits are dropping colourful eggs. During this event, you can also buy them from Imalas, Maria, and Bonifacius.

Get ready!
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