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    Tuesday 23. May 2023

    <span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 13.3333px;">What is the favorite footwear of cipsoft workers?</span>

  • What did the troll say to the orc?

    Tuesday 23. May 2023

    What did the troll say to the orc?

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    Monday 7. June 2021

    14:08 Loot of a pirat bombardier: nothing (increased loot, boosted loot).

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    Sunday 30. May 2021

    Alio Shia [393]: wieksza siara to krasc innym kanapki niz byc okradanym z kanapek

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    Friday 17. April 2015

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Rise of Devovorga
MastroDaro on 04 September 2023 02:01:16 · 0 Comments · 113 Reads
The wicked Devovorga is about to rise from the depths of her baneful realm! Gather your friends and call a truce with your foes, for this is a fight you cannot hope to win alone. Work together to overcome the nightmarish embodiments of that bloodthirsty offspring of sheer evil!

After server save on September 01, mystical portals will appear all over Tibia! Those who consider themselves strong enough to survive the wrecking horror that waits on the other side of those portals should coordinate their attacks. Teamwork is the key to success!
Hurry up and defeat all the gruesome incarnations to face the mighty Devovorga in a final battle!

Please remember: Stage 2 (Devovorga's incarnations) needs to be completed before server save on September 6 or your world will not be able to proceed to stage 3 (Blooms of Doom) in time.

If your world manages to kill Devovorga until server save on September 7, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Send Devovorga back to the abyss!
Your Community Managers
Exercise Shields and some Fixes and Changes
MastroDaro on 04 September 2023 02:00:52 · 0 Comments · 137 Reads
With today's server save, we are introducing a new way to improve your shielding skill.

We have decided to offer Exercise Shields, similar to the already available Exercise Weapons.
  • Similar to the already available weapons, Training ShieldExercise ShieldDurable Exercise Shield, and Lasting Exercise Shield will be accessible in this selection.
  • The Training Shield features identical charges and expiration duration as the other training weapons and will be presented as a choice within the daily rewards, located alongside the other training weapons.
  • Exercise ShieldDurable Exercise Shield, and Lasting Exercise Shield can be traded for Tibia Coins in the Store and can also be acquired for gold from the NPCs who are presently vending the Exercise Weapons
  • These items share the same charge quantity and pricing (both in gold and Tibia Coins) as their corresponding Exercise Weapons.

Furthermore, we have made some changes and balancing adjustments for Rotten Blood:
  • Rotten Blood Essences are now tradeable.
  • Gloom Pillars: In addition to the update from last week that resolved the problem with Dark Energy charges, but initially only impacted the lever room, we have now expanded the fix to encompass the entirety of the Chagorz boss fight.

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers
New Decoration
MastroDaro on 04 September 2023 02:00:18 · 0 Comments · 119 Reads
Tap into your inner Stone Age instincts and journey into the depths of our ancient heritage with the Cave Set, now available!

Sleep deep and sleep hard on your archaic Cave Bed or fortify your resolve as you sit on the sturdy Cave Bench.

The Cave Chair and Cave Table seamlessly complement any neo-minimalist living space, exuding an appealing aesthetic.

Say goodbye to those funky, stinky wooden shelves that pass as room dividers. Embrace the Cave Rampart or the Low Cave Fence - they will make your place feel like an adventurous abode.

Behold the Skelaptor, the quirky and toothy grandfeather of all budgies!

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

Decorate for honour and glory!
Your Community Managers
New Open PvP Game Worlds
MastroDaro on 04 September 2023 01:59:20 · 0 Comments · 107 Reads
Attention, fellow Tibians! Three new game worlds are about to be launched!

Next week, on Wednesday, August 23, we plan to set up three new Open PvP game worlds:

Jaguna (EU), Runera (NA), Tornabra (SA).

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only Premium accounts will be able to play on Jaguna, Runera, and Tornabra.

Into the fray!
Your Community Managers
Sanguine Rhapsody
MastroDaro on 19 June 2023 21:13:04 · 0 Comments · 174 Reads
At last, the time has come to unveil some intriguing tidbits about the riches you may reap from Rotten Blood if you traverse the unhallowed grounds and vanquish the festering decay.

Sanguine Power

In addition to their impressive values, the new best-in-slot items are infused with sanguine power: each item enhances one of your vocation's finest spells, similar to the Wheel of Destiny. The new weapons will also be obtainable as special versions. The strength of their augment surpasses that of the regular version, hence their prefix Grand and their refined appearance.

While we leave their detailed stats for the test server, you can already gaze upon their elegant craftsmanship, their names and elements, and their augments:

obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek
obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek
obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek
obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek obrazek

Knight weapons: Fierce Berserk
Paladin weapons: Divine Caldera
Sorcerer weapons: Great Fire Wave and Energy Wave
Druid weapons: Strong Ice Wave and Terra Wave

The augment on a regular sanguine weapon has a strong impact, approximately half of the damage increase you can gain from the spell's augmentation in the Wheel of Destiny.
The augment on a grand sanguine weapon has a powerful impact, similar to the damage increase you can gain from the spell's augmentation in the Wheel of Destiny.

Legs, boots: Reduces cooldown of avatar spell by 9 minutes.

Obtaining Sanguine Items

obrazekThe new best-in-slot items can drop in a bag you covet from Bakragore's four children. Taints will raise this drop chance.
Upon defeating Bakragore for the first time, you have an increased chance to drop a bag you covet. This chance will keep on increasing further with every kill until you loot a bag from him. Then, your drop chance returns to its original value which is considerably lower than the increased first-kill chance. Each time you subsequently defeat him without receiving a bag, your chances increase again till your next drop.

Bearing taints also gives you the chance to loot tainted hearts and darklight hearts from regular monsters in Rotten Blood. The higher the number of taints, the higher their drop chance. So, what is their purpose?
Once you have killed Bakragore for the first time, you can use an altar in the Blood Vestibule for a crimson offering:
If you sacrifice 5 tainted hearts, 5 darklight hearts and 50,000,000 gold, you will obtain a bag you covet including a best-in-slot item.

Defeating Bakragore while suffering from his burden is the only way to have a chance at looting the grand versions of the new best-in-slot weapons. The higher the burden stage, the higher the chance to loot a best-in-slot item from Bakragore and the higher the chance for the weapons to drop as a grand version.

Promotion Scrolls

There is another magnificent treasure you can seize from Bakragore: promotion scrolls. The smallest one grants your character 3 promotion points which you can spend in your Wheel of Destiny, the most powerful one bestows a whopping 20 points on your character.


The higher the burden stage in your fight, the greater the chance to loot a more potent scroll from Bakragore. Each character above level 51 can only use each type of scroll once, so in total a character can gain 50 additional promotion points this way.

Of course, there are more valuables and accomplishments which you can bring back with you from this defiled place. We hope you are eager to explore Rotten Blood, to push your limits and reap the glory.

To the adventurous and the brave,
To the inquisitive and the curious,
To the stalwart and unyielding who venture to their edge and beyond,

This is your calling.

Upcoming next: The dawn of your voyage is approaching on Testa, Testera and Testebra!
More Convenience Features
MastroDaro on 19 June 2023 20:51:51 · 0 Comments · 126 Reads
Get ready for the second feature teaser, where we will unveil a range of improvements aimed at making your daily adventures in Tibia more convenient and enjoyable.

Have you been too busy fighting to notice the piles of gold sitting right next to you? Lost track of how many bodies are stacked up on the battleground? Let our Loot Highlight feature be your guide to glory and riches. This new feature visually highlights every unlooted corpse. For the first 10 seconds, only authorised looters can see it. If at least one corpse in a stack is unlooted, the stack/field will remain highlighted. The Loot Highlight will persist until one of the following three conditions is fulfilled: There was an interaction with the corpse via quickloot, the container of the corpse has been opened, or the corpse underwent decomposition, leading to an uncontainerised state. The Loot Highlight is optional and can be disabled by going to Options and selecting Interface → Gamewindow.

The Bosstiary Tracker is another addition that operates in a similar manner to the established Bestiary Tracker. This widget streamlines the process of monitoring your progress with preselected bosses, specifically those that have been defeated at least once. Handpick your favourite bosses from the Cyclopedia and unleash your righteous fury upon them.

Finally, we have added a new feature that helps to organise items obtained from NPC traders or the stash, by simply assigning specific items to preselected containers. You can access this feature in the Options menu under Misc and Gameplay, where you will find two new options named Auto-Sort Purchases and Auto-Sort Stash into Containers. These options are enabled by default. As part of this change, the Manage Loot Containers option will also be renamed to Manage Containers.

We hope that these convenience features will be welcomed additions!
Upcoming next week: Stay tuned for the final treasure!
Wheel of Destiny Presets
MastroDaro on 19 June 2023 20:51:20 · 0 Comments · 133 Reads
The Winter Update from the previous year introduced the Wheel of Destiny, a feature that provided significant options for customising your character's vocation. To offer even more convenience during your ingame experience, we are pleased to announce two useful enhancements that soon will be available in your arsenal. The Wheel of Destiny Presets and the Planner are designed to make your time in the game more enjoyable and streamlined. And of course, more successful.

obrazekLet us start with the Presets: This functionality has been created for players who have reached level 50 and possess a premium account. It allows to seamlessly switch between various Wheel of Destiny setups while you are in the temple prior to joining fights.

obrazekBy enabling you to swiftly adapt to various situations, you can enhance your strategic potential and maximise your preparation efficiency. Presets can also be imported and exported with ease. This means you can also share your setups with friends or transfer them to a different character.

Our second new feature is located on the Tibia website: The Wheel of Destiny Planner, a convenient tool designed to help you customise your character's preset to your liking. This tool allows you to select a vocation and freely distribute points to see where they will take you.
The Planner also displays how many Promotion Points are required for your current specification, making it effortless to plan and prepare for the future. Of course, you will also be able to import and export your ingame setups quickly.

We hope that the new features will enhance your overall gaming experience!
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