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Major Game Update 10.10
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17-07-2013 08:05 PM Major Game Update 10.10
Kariel Win
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Finally! The teaser time is over and the first part of the Tibia summer update 2013 has just been released.

Are you ready to visit and explore some revamped places? Do you dare to face new challenges that are lying ahead of you? With the first part of this year's summer update a lot has changed in Tibia. Here is a short summary of what is waiting for you. Enjoy:

Ab'Dendriel has not only got a new look and a new transportation system, for example, but also a new secret. On the path to Hellgate, repenters are waiting for your daily help, and close to the city gates a forsaken mine with varying hunting grounds can be entered now.
Please note: Due to the revamp it was necessary to empty all houses and guild halls in Ab'Dendriel. Items in houses and guild halls were moved to your inbox.

If you like challenges, you should search for the new fury gates, which can show up at different places around Tibia.

In addition to Ab'Dendriel, the haunted ruins of Drefia received a new look as well. Do you dare to enter the doomed realm of corrupted necromancers who made this place a home for the living dead? But be warned! Not only a new look awaits you in Drefia but also new enemies which pant for your blood. Besides the well known evil there, other wicked creatures, such as dark summoners and vampire nobles, are seeking your life. Furthermore, an undead necromancer is looking for your help. If you manage to assist him successfully, you will be able to call a new handy mount your own.

Sometimes, it is a real pain to run all the way from Thais to Carlin, or to descend to the deepest caves of Draconia, for example. To make those long walks easier for you or at least better looking, we have implemented smooth walking animations for all player outfits.

Near Carlin, a new area with tree houses can be found. This place is the home of the so called leaf golems and wilting leaf golems. Also, fierce forest furies are roaming around that place. So better keep your eyes open if you leave Carlin in a north-eastern direction. Furthermore, a new kind of the orcish race was sighted close to Ulderek's Castle.

Last but not least, raids in Tibia are going to take place more often now. Nevertheless, special raids like Ferumbras, for example, will still spawn rarely but will now happen as often as intended. In addition to a higher frequency of the already existing raids, we have added about 50 new raids with this part of the summer update. Also, you can now loot special tokens from raid monsters. Ask Jorge in the adventurer's guild for further information.

Also, the NPC The Spirit Speaker, the winning NPC of our contest "Create Your Own NPC!" has been implemented and is waiting to share his knowledge with you. Furthermore, a few other changes and fixes have been implemented. Please check the Auditorium for more information.

The update will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.10 from our download section.

Enjoy the summer!
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