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Annual Autumn Vintage
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01-10-2013 02:44 PM Annual Autumn Vintage
Kariel Win
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Joined: 05.04.11 time! October starts tomorrow, and the Combined Magical Winterberry Society is looking for strong feet.

Help with collecting and squishing winterberries to produce a delicate juice in order to refine some potions. The required winterberries can be looted from various monsters, once the event has started.

Get the berries, search for your nearest berry stomping assistant to get transported to a secret location, and show your treading skills as soon as enough winterberries have been delivered. Besides stomping, it will also be necessary to add some sugar or water, or to deal with the berrypest. If you need further information about the treading process, just ask Gruffy.

Your world will succeed if enough loads of winterberries have been tread to produce enough juice to temporarily refine all health and mana potions of your world. Their effect will be enhanced by 33% for 7 days.

Please note: From now on, the event will take place from October 01-08, and again from October 17-24, server saves.

Let the stomping begin!
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