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22-10-2013 05:51 AM Content Fixes and Changes | Edited by Kariel Win 22-10-2013 05:52 AM
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With today's server save, a couple of content fixes were implemented. Additionally, we adjusted three specific world changes in response to player feedback we received.
  • Adjustments of Their Master's Voice:
  • From now on, characters who have removed 25 slime fungi or more will lose their right to face the Mad Mage once the mage has been killed, even if they have not participated in the fight. So if the world change starts anew, their slime counter will be reset to zero. The slime counter will not be reset for characters who have not yet removed enough slime to face the Mad Mage. Moreover, the whole world change will start anew if the Mad Mage does not get killed within two hours after the entire area has been cleaned from slime.
  • Adjustments of The Mage's Tower:
  • In order to weaken the Energised Raging Mage, 2000 Yielothax need to be killed now. To be able to take part in the fight against the Raging Mage, a character has to kill 250 Yielothax from now on. Another Dimension will now collapse 5 minutes after the Raging Mage has been killed. Furthermore, the world change will now start once a day as opposed to once every two days, and it will take place at a random time after server save.
  • Adjustments of The Mummy's Curse:
  • Horestis now spawns in a separate room. Only those who destroyed a canopic jar can face Horestis in his crypt as long as the bone wall in his tomb is gone. The right to fight against Horestis will not expire as long as you do not face him in his crypt. Moreover, you can fight Horestis once for each canopic jar you manage to destroy. Since more players can now face Horestis while his crypt is accessible, the drop chance of his rare loot has been reduced accordingly except for the scorpion sceptre which is still a guaranteed drop.
  • The Spirit Grounds mini world change is now announced correctly on the world board in the Adventurers' Guild.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented shadow pupils, blood hands, and blood pupils from counting towards the necromancer killing task of Lugri.
  • In "What a foolish quest", Bozo now also accepts a box of cream pies if it has been transported via the Gnomish Crystal Teleport System.
  • We addressed an issue that led to an unintended re-spawn of the Pale Count after he was killed.
  • We fixed a small inconsistency with the Repenters task "Cultivated Magic" that made it possible to repeat the task 20 hours after it had been accepted. Like all other Repenters tasks, it can now be repeated 20 hours after it has been completed.
  • An issue was fixed that allowed free account players to enter the Spike and the Spirit Grounds although these hunting grounds are premium areas.
  • Kalvin now mentions the cave explorer outfit. Also, missing highlights for outfit keywords were added.
  • We addressed a rare issue where the teleport to the warzone boss Deathstrike could be blocked by a humorless fungus.
  • A few map bugs and typos were fixed. Also, we fixed a couple of minor issues on the Island of Destiny.

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