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Question 1: Why is there no sky in Tibia?

Question 2: Why is it possible to use fire runes/attacks underwater?

Question 3: Why are we followed by cats in Tibia while in real life they run away?

Question 4: Why summoned creatures can be killed by monsters that have summoned them? Lords killing their servants? Why?

Question 5: How NPC can talk to 100 players at the same time?

Question 6: Why can't we sit and jump in Tibia?

Question 7: How is it possible to insert 20 full backpacks into one empty backpack?


1: Cipsoft thought that people who play Tibia rarely see the sky in real life so they wouldn't care about it in the game.

2: It's possible because these are only extensions of the hotness from the players themselves, and everyone knows Tibian players are as hot as they come.......but I can only speak for myself . Smile

3: Cats are just like the women of Carlin, they follow you around hoping for some scraps and affection but they soon run and follow somebody else as soon as you turn your back!

4: Sometimes you just have to keep your pimp hand strong to show people who's boss!

5: NPC's use ESP to contact players minds and take their orders and questions mentally. Haven't you ever noticed that Tibian's never open their mouths to speak? We're a race of psychics I tell you.

6: We aren't allowed to sit down because there is no time for sitting and lounging in Tibia!!! And we cannot jump because Tibian characters are all white...and as the movie says, "White men can't jump".

7: The backpacks are made in Russia. Because of this they have the same traits as the babushka dolls. They can stack constantly inside each other.


1: Pff... Such a trivial question... We just don't look at it, because we don't have to (even stupid dragons are walking on the ground).

But there IS sky in Tibia, how else could I summon it's rage?

Exevo Gran Mas Vis!




Oopsss... Sorry... But now you have a proof ^^

2: During creating Tibia, fiery god went to the lake to take bath and rest. But at the beginning he couldn't ignite his flames, and he didn't like that... So he asked God of gods for ability to use fire under water. As they liked each other, God fulfilled his request. And since then, we can all use flames under water.

3: Cats are following us because our cute pixel faces look similar to rats' faces.
Tibian cats don't have such good sight as the real ones so they don't see differences =/

4: LoL these are not summons! x.x

Monsters are trying to clone themselves, but demons or giant spiders are weak in ninja techniques, so these copies are pitiful, and they're killing them to hide from the world their hopeless skills. =)

5: Because NPCs are controlled by mutated CipSoft members just like we are controlling our characters. So they are talking to us just by opening many chat windows, like we are doing it.

It's possible thanks to genetic experiments on young people who agree to work as NPC, for free PACC forever.

6: We can't jump, because brave warriors with heavy armors, shields, weapons and backpacks (full of other backpacks and other heavy armors) would look stupid while jumping on meadows like little girls and unicorns.

Every furniture in Tibia is dirty, because everyone is walking on it... In Tibia there is no employment agency, so there are no charwomen, and there are any cleaning supplies, so we can't clean it... And we're not sitting because we don't want to make our legs dirty!

7: Our backpacks are gates to other dimensions (for example: green backpack to The Land, Where Everything Is Green, backpack of holding to The Land, Where Everything Is Held). When we put something inside, it goes to these dimensions. There are living small pixies, which are watching for our items, and giving them to us, when we want it back (things are just fly out of the backpacks).

If we want to put something in backpack which is already inside, we just put it in the main backpack, and PPO (Pixies Post Office) are sending their little ambassadors with luggage to the other dimensions, and it works at the same way.

Unfortunately, pixies are in eternal fight with dark forces of evil - Thing Eaters, which are trying to eat all our items. But pixies soldiers and mages are stronger thanks to their mystical skills, so our belongings are safe now.

Everything is possible thanks to smooth operation of PPO, which make our Tibian lives easier!


Guido: Guys, I have a feeling that we forgot one important thing. But I don't know what is it.
Guido: Hey Guys! I know, what was that thing. It was a sky! Let's make it!
Guido: Oh my God. I can't see anything through the clouds. Delete them and whole sky too.

2: Because Tibia is a game in which developers give us possibility to fulfill our dreams. As a child, who never dreamed about campfire on the ocean floor? In Tibia, This is easier than anywhere else. Just type "exori flam" and you can enjoy the taste of fried sausages flavored by oceanic salt.

3: Because we all have at least 10 levels of fishing so they think we have always fish with us.

4: This is because in 99.9% of cases, a monster is killed by us, so the monster summons and kills his servants to feel like a murderer for a moment.

5: NPC - Never-Pause Caller - just a proffesion. They trained many years to speak so fast that people have the impression that they said to one hundred people at a time.

6: We can't sit because we never go to the toilet. Probably we are doing our "stuff" to our outfut. If we sit, we could blur our "products" and could be worse. If we jump, all "products" will fall on the ground through our pantlegs.

7: Third dimension. We don't see it, but we can use it in this way.


1: there is sky, you just can't see it until you're level 999 and you go through the Banuta level door
then you start at level 1 in the secret 3D Tibia where you can see the sky!

2: so that we can have boiled bloodcrabs for dinner

3: cats walk up to you because they are servants of witches; they are hoping to cast a curse on you while you are distracted by their utter cuteness

4: the summons are a bit slow in the head compared to regular monsters, so the lord quickly gets frustrated at their stupidity and destroys them.

5: Well, if you noticed, there is a classroom at the magic academy in Edron; all NPCs are required to take classes at the academy to learn how to be invincible and how to deal with multiple people at once. It's all magic. This also explains why the servers are offline for so long during new patches and updates, it's because the new NPCs are taking their classes... and sometimes if an NPC is slow at learning, the servers are offline for even longer than anticipated. So, next update when it's taking forever for the servers to come back online, don't blame Cipsoft... blame those few NPCs who just can't get their magic correct!

6: We can't sit because of bad joints, we always must be standing straight and we must never bend our knees for such a silly reason as sitting.

As for jumping, well this isn't super mario! Imagine if we could jump over Pythius into his treasure room and gather all his goodies, or jumping over the bank counters to rob the banks. With the power of jumping we would have no problem jumping into the water and swimming across to access the almighty sword of fury in Rookgaard, or jumping over PVP opponents. Criminals would be jumping through the streets and we would have no way to trap them! The balance of Tibia would be ruined and we would be in chaos!

7: we use special vacuum sealed backpacks; we suck the air out of all our backpacks so they remain very flat and compact!


1: Well, there is already hard to kill a dragon lord or run away from Tiquanda's Wasps while they are on the ground... Imagine if there is a sky for them to fly

2: Cause quaras suffer a lot by players all days... At the server save time, when servers shut down, they take advantage to relax and make a Barbecue Shrimp... The fire was the only condition they asked for Cipsoft to continue their work underwater... AM I LYING??? well.. as far as i see, their shrimp are so tasy, so EXPLAIN THIS !!

3: Because only in tibia we walk all the day with fishes in our backpacks ;o

4: Well, if my servants had not any loot nor experience (as they are summons) , i guess i would kill them too... useless servants... pff ;x

5: U can only see a single npc, but they are about a thousand, with the same name, stacking on the same spot, walking always on the same path... u cant see them even in your battle list just because cip hired bonelords to hide them with their magic. Thats all i can tell...

6: We cant jump cause if we could, the water around the Spike Sword in Rookgard would be full of drowned bodies that tried this trick

We cant sit cause the programmers know how much bad for health is sitting for long time... and they dont want the same problem for we, the players

7: It happens cause all backpacks in tibia are made not only of leather, but of animal's grease too. Thats why they are so elastic and can keep lots of other backpacks. But tibians are planning to change it , somehow, maybe using "eco-bags" made of leaves and wood, cause the population of elephants and mammoths being killed by hunters and sold on black market to become backpacks are increasing a lot last months...
Thats the dark side of Tibia that Cipsoft dont tell you


1: of course the sky exists, if it didn't how else would we travel by carpets? hahaha

2: The fire runes/attacks are casted in a speed that is thought to be higher than the speed of light and the water molecules can't follow such a high velocity.

3: Because in tibia we don't take shower, so cats get confuse with fishes' smell.

4: Sometimes summoned creatures come with some kind of "manufacturing defect". I remember of a situation in which mrs giant spider summoned a poison spider and it came without one of its legs, so the mother killed it so a new and perfect one could be summoned.

5: Because they're like a mother's heart: there is always room for one more.

6: Because the supplies and the set of armor are too heavy, then the character can't get impulse to jump and If he sits then he won't have strength enough to get up ... that's too embarrassing.

7: The Warriors need spacious and resistant bps to complete all the challenges found in tibia.
The only was able to get it, was the magical Ferumbras .. then he mixed in a cauldron: draggy leather to give the resistance, a sample of the body of the Defiler to have more elasticity and inks extracted from more exotic flower of port hope to give color.
Resulting in 20 full backpacks into one empty backpack.

Ferumbras, Thank you to make our lives more easy!


1: Because people would spam "Proposal Boards" everyday for the creation of flying mounts, and when CipSoft release that mount to stop the spam, free account players will cry cuz they have been killed by flying PK's.

2: Using fire spells underwater is very easy, now I challenge you to summon a fire elemental in Calassa and try to convince it to wear a helmet of the deep.

3: Because in real life, cats have just 9 lives, but in Tibia you can kill as many cats as you can find, they will respawn back. So they don't care much about it, you kill them and five minutes later they'll be chasing you again!

4: It seems that Emek never played chess... If he had played atleast one time, he would know that in a battle, pawns (summons) should be sacrificed in some cases to save their master or to defeat their enemies. Emek, you should visit tibian game rooms more often to have some fun

5: In reality NPC's are real people that work to CipSoft, they can relax just 10 minutes per day (server save time), and their vacation happens when Tibia is updating.
In the past NPC's just talked with one player at the same time, and that work had to be shared by 3 people per NPC (Day - Afternoon - Night) because it used to take too long to assist all costumers one by one.
But in 2008 Europe was suffering because of the crisis, and CipSoft had to fire 30% of their employees, so they decided that they had to fire all NPC's and hire just 1 non-lif... I mean person... per NPC and they had to assist all their costumers at the same time because it would be a faster attendance and CipSoft would spent less.

6: This way people don't spent all their time playing musical chairs and leapfrog.

7: Backpacks in Tibia were created based in women bags, specially in the bags of the women of CipSoft staff (Chayenne, Mirade, Rejana). Before programmers released the backpacks in game, they took a look at the girls' bags and they decided that, if a woman can put inside their bags in RL: lipsticks, mirror, wallet, car keys, cell phone, appointment book, nail file, etc
They should implement backpacks in game that you can insert more backpacks into the empty one to avoid problems with women players.


1: There is no sky in Tibia because the Gods are tired of giving so much blessings to everyone and decided to go away!

2: It's because Cip members don't take a shower, so they don't know that water extinguish the fire!

3: It's because the Cip members watched in National Geographic that humans and rats have 99% of similarity in genes, and decided to implement this in-game

Me in-game say: "Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Run, a cat is coming"

4: That's how Lord Voldermort, Darth Vader, The Joker and the greatest villains in history treated their servants: hasta la vista baby!!

5: This is the modern times, dear. It's like a secretary of a big company nowadays: have to answer to 100 callings at same time, and in the end of the day, satisfy the needs of the boss...

6: Cip member are all sedentary: they never make exercise, so they never jump. That's why they thought this isn't important to implement in the game.
By the opposite, Cip members pass all the day long sitted on a chair. That would be unpleasant to them to see his character sitted too.

7: It is possible because the characters use MacGyver techniques implemented by Cip in the game!


1: I'm sure that Tibia has sky, but the One who still stares at us from above is allergic to the sun, like me, and when He would turned his head towards the sun, he would lose his sight and He could saw a large black spots, so Tibia would be black too... moreover, He has a better view from above than from below ];-)

2: It is possible because Tibians don't like swimming in cold water and they heat up it using e.g. fire runes. Then Tibians feel like on holidays on Caribbean. Caribbean drinks are very tasty when they're warm but unfortunately, CipSoft haven't been invented electric kettles yet :/

3: By nature and genetically white cats are usually deaf. Tibia unfortunately has only white cats. When we walk through the town, white cat stays in our way. We usually want to frighten the cat, but when we shout on it and wave our hands trying to frighten him, cat becomes nervous and bites our leg of the pants, just like a dog. CipSoft programmed Cats in Tibia like dogs are in the real life. This is why cats follow us. =/

4: Lords are killing their servants because they've got psyche very similar to human's. When they are summoning servants they don't know that they'll be such irritating and following thier like cats from previous question. When they see their irritating behavior they're just killing them. :/
They don't irritate you?

5: Long time ago, in the Tibia, each NPC used to be able to serve each client individually (joke ), but someone changed it becouse if the NPC serve customers each individual, would have to take pills for neurosis. In shops would be create a huge queue and CipSoft couldn't keep up with the payment of overtime for the each NPC. PACC would cost 5x more, because all money would be "eaten" by the NPC :x

6: All Tibians are like plastic Barbie dolls, without bones and muscles. They are stiff and straight like walls of houses in Yalahar and therefore they can't sit and jump.
Moreover, if suddenly half of people from the server would start to jump, there would be earthquake. The man responsible for the graphics in the Tibia wouldn't keep up with making new floor and contract with IKEA would cost a fortune.
In addition, if at the same time second half of people from the same server would sit still and stand still, there would be only masskicks and Tibia could be exploding.

7: Tibians are more talented beasts than ordinary people.
They have mastered the art of origami to perfection.
They can exactly make every backpack in tiny cubes.
In this way they can put into empty backpack, not 20, but even 200 other backpacks.
Tibians' backpacks always look like a stuffed a lot of trash


1: Easy question, Do you ever met God monster? No..because they dont exist, but Do you ever met Demons? Sure.The only reason is...we are the hell D:, in the hell dont have sky!!!
And don't have God monster at tibia, because WEE ARE GOD IN TIBIA playing with some characters in the hell, and we also have a privilegiad view.

2: Hard this one.But If you know about the history you can solve this easily.
Moses invented the fire tibian, then everytime you use rune or spell of fire the sea opens for it, which makes all fire runes/attack possible underwater.

3: The cats just follow us(in tibia) because they'r not just little and cute cats...Maybe you are asking yourself "What it means?"...It means they aren't cats, they'r beggars, which yalahar's government transformed.They did it, because yalaharian are so rich, and the city can't have beggars at streets, then the simple way to solve this, turn beggars into cats.
Then the reason the cats follow us, just because they want a charity.

4: They kill their own summons, only to cause fear , so they say "If I kill my own summons imagine what I do with you!" HAHA
It is only psychological pressure

5: if women can hunt in tibia, talk in tibia, talk on the phone, doing their nails, watch television, read the magazine, play with the dog, listen to favorite music...all this stuff at the sameee time... then an NPC can easily talking to 100 people.

6: Of course we can sit at tibia, when we mount at undead cavebears, panda, etc, we sit or not?!..If you are saying about sit on chairs or floor, Okay you'r right we don't sit, but because the chair and floor is so hard, comparing to our fluffy mounts.
And about the "jump", I know magic...I can do magics...I can levitate...I don't move my legs to get higher...I just say some words like "EXANI HUR UP".Why would I want to jump? No sense.

7: Because the gods are so smart .They put a little magic on all backpacks ang bags, which all stuff when enter (in bp or bag) the dimension of object decreases.Simple and great solution of gods.I told they'r smarts.
That's the reason you can put 20 full backpack in one empty backpack.
We should thank the gods, because in other way, our life would be much more complicated .


1: Actually there is a sky, we just can't look up because our characters don't have necks (look closely).

2: The Gods allow it because they love fried fish.

3: Because we're the only ones who can protect them from the evil Dark Torturers, always in need of their cute little paws to torture their victims!

4: They do it to avoid getting emotionally attached to their servants. It's hard, but better than being judged by your fellow orcs for playing around with puppies, for example.

5: Zigffried: Sam, how can you speak and trade with 100 customers at the same time?
Sam: <sly smile> Well, my friend, if I told you, I would have to kill you.
Zigffried: Okay... <discretly walks out of the shop>

I guess we'll never know the answer to that question.

6: We can't sit because all our butts were burned once when running away from dragons and we can't jump because we can already teleport and the programmers are very lazy to make jumping possible!

7: It's an old wisdom developed by the women of Carlin. They taught the world how to fit millions of things into one small purse, just like women do in real-life.
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