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Spring Patch 2012
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06-04-2012 03:00 AM Spring Patch 2012
Kariel Win
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Joined: 05.04.11, this year's spring patch has been released! It addresses a couple of topics on which we continuously received feedback in the past. Here is a short summary of the main changes:

As we announced in our first teaser, the two world changes Liquid Black and the Hive now work independently from each other which means you can advance both on the hive side and the deepling side at the same time. Also, new elite opponents have joined the deepling troops and the Hive Born have bred six bosses. The Paw and Fur society now offers bosses for every task of the last two level ranges, level 80 – 129, and level 130 plus. Also, a couple of Paw and Fur society creatures and bosses have been strengthened and received a loot improvement. Moreover, the Easter event has been replaced by the brand new event "Spring into Life" which will start on April 16.

Our second teaser focused on the new mechanisms to alleviate the negative effects of lag and kicks for players. If your connection is gone, monsters now ignore your character for 30 seconds, and depending on your vocation your character will be kicked out of the game after 40, 50, or 60 seconds. Furthermore, a character will be ignored by monsters for 10 seconds upon login. This time will help you to orient yourself but you cannot fight unless you move your character or the 10 seconds are up. In addition, if the quality of your connection falls below a certain threshold and seems to be laggy, a special icon in the client will inform you about it.

Further adjustment and changes were presented in our third teaser. For example, stacking is now possible on squares with a level or quest door on Optional PvP worlds to prevent that players get trapped by others with these doors. Besides, the loot of a couple of monsters has been improved and a few hunting grounds have been extended. Moreover, the rewards of the Demon Oak quest have been adjusted. The royal crossbow and the spellbook of dark mysteries have been replaced by two unique rewards. Players who already obtained a Demon Oak reward before the patch have a one-time chance to exchange it by bringing their item to Oldrak.

Last but not least, as we informed you in a special teaser yesterday, we also released a number of Beta Flash client improvements today including the spell list widget, the hotkey set extension, and a couple of action bar changes, for example.
In addition to the changes we already announced in our teasers, we also addressed some minor issues and bugs. For example, the underwater drowning protection for the depth galea helmet has been fixed, and several missing items have been added to Yasir's buy list.

The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. If you should encounter any problems, you can alternatively download the new client 9.5 from our download section.

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It’s really great post.
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