FunTibia Rules

¶ 1 Names rules

The following rules apply when choosing a user name:

* At least 3 characters, maximum 20 characters
* First character is a letter
* A maximum of 3 uppercase
* Only English characters

In addition, user names should not be offensive, contain errors and should not be phrases or sentences.

¶ 2 Posting the content provides the ability to upload content by its users. When posting various types of content (movies, pictures, quotes and stories), it should be guided by the principles of culture and keep the topics which do not present illegal content (Forum Rules apply to all posted content on

As a user you agree to obey all points of the above rules.

Forum Rules is a commonwealth of all users of the fansite. In order to maintain proper functionality it is prohibited to:

¶ 1
Post topics which are unsuitable on certain forum.

¶ 2
Post answers which are unsuitable to the subject of discussions.

¶ 3
Initiate the so-called "Off-topic ".

¶ 4
Spam - writing answers only to increase the number of posts, keeping the style which is an obstacle during reading(eg, CAPS, alternately LaRgE and SmAlL).

¶ 5
Post offensive content - racism, pornography, fascist, harmful statements.

¶ 6
Take action to steal data from other users or likely to cause malfunctions of other users' software.

¶ 7
Impersonate any of the administrative functions or exert pressure on other users due to friendly relationships with moderating group.

¶ 8
Take action to disturb the functionality of the forum.

¶ 9
Write entire posts in a language other than Polish or English.

¶ 10
Exert pressure on moderators for their decisions or actions. The decision of moderator is consistent and irrevocable.

¶ 11
Write two or more posts one under another instead of using options for editing posts.

¶ 12
Violate, glorify or incite the Tibia Rules.

¶ 13
Create topics titles that are not clearly specifying its content.

¶ 14
To talk about Open Tibia Server (OTS) and present illegal software.

¶ 15
Advertise products, services, companies or websites which are not related to Tibia and are not supported by CipSoft.

As a user you agree to obey forum rules and agree to comply with all points of the above regulations.
Content rules can be changed, any changes will be posted on the homepage.

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