FunZone - Funny answers part 7
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Why can't we sit in Tibia?

dragons fenix zi: We don't sit because is so much cool to stand up on chairs, we all should try it at home.

Shionk: We cant sit cause the programmers know how much bad for health is sitting for long time... and they dont want the same problem for we, the players

pedrinhu221: Because the creator of the game suffered from hemorrhoids... and decided to take revenge!

Crimm: We can't sit because of bad joints, we always must be standing straight and we must never bend our knees for such a silly reason as sitting.

Dark-Ignobae: We can't sit because we don't have butt in tibia (have you ever seen 1?

toonzera: they don't let us sit, but they creared chairs, we should sit on game to wait for betters updates

guardian of druts: We can't sit because programmers are too lazy to change graphics of outfits

Sogogo: Can't sit because characters compensate the time we are sitting at our chairs playing that's why they stay stand.
FunZone News #06
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Under Maintenance!

As we noticed recently, the soconship of this year will not be in Svargrond anymore.

The games will be on Yalahar's field but still don't have a date set.

The field is down for maintenance due to a plague of ants.

FunZone News #05
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Notícia em Portugues(clique aqui)


The soccer championship of this year that happens between the Fansites, that would happen in the field of Svargrond, was postponed.

The field turned into a lake, some local residents are planning to do a water polo championship.

FunZone News #04
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The fake news of the future!

Notícia em Portugues(clique aqui)

Penguins Attack!

And today in the morning our reporter caught Penguins invading the beach.

The animals left in search of food and ended up losing the group and were swept by ocean currents.

The city guards warned to not get closer to the Penguins, it can be risky. They are docile but they can peck if they feel threatened or be frightened.

FunZone News #03
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The fake news of the future!

Notícia em Portugues(clique aqui)

Global Warming!

The temperatures on Svargrond don't stop rising. The ice is beginning to melt.

FunZone Question
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If Tibia is from a medieval epoch, whence the robots came from?

FunZone - Funny answers part 6
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Why can't we jump in Tibia?

dragons fenix zi: we don't jump because we are playing Tibia, and not Super Mario.

Shionk: We cant jump cause if we could, the water around the Spike Sword in Rookgard would be full of drowned bodies that tried this trick

Dark-Ignobae: We can't jump because then players would jump from Rookgaard to Main before facing their destiny! (rats)

toonzera: about jumping, what happens if 5 fat chars start to jump? well, an earthquake gonna happen lol

guardian of druts: We also can't jump because it would be power abused by people who played Mario. They would try jumping on monsters head and smashing it in one step.

Sogogo: Can't jump because otherwise noobs would jump from buildings to suicide until rook cuz they died and lost their plate legs.

Reaper: This way people don't spent all their time playing musical chairs and leapfrog.

Liquider: Becouse Tibia character's don't have knee.

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