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FunZone - Funny answers part 2
Kariel Win on 05 January 2012 00:37:35 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1002 Reads
Why is it possible to use fire runes/attacks underwater?

Sogogo: Actually I've never tried that because I thought it wouldn't work!!! Same as thunderstorm rune, otherwise I would be electrified among all other creatures and die too

Zigffried: The Gods allow it because they love fried fish.

Scrholl: It's because Cip members don't take a shower, so they don't know that water extinguish the fire!

Guido on sativa: The Gods enjoy watching fools attempt to hunt quaras with fire.

dragons fenix zi: because only in Tibia you can do some fishing and cooking at the same time.

lekiro: Because programmers watched too much Spongebob Squarepants to inspire themselves.

Liquider: Becouse water in Tibia is only illusion so we can use fire "under water"

mefiles dark hedgod: Actually tibian oceans are made of water and alcohol, or where do you think that dwarves get all the beer?

FunZone - Funny answers part 1
Kariel Win on 29 November 2011 01:00:35 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1092 Reads
Why is there no sky in Tibia?

Szkatek: because the programmers never go out of the office and never saw the sky

lekiro: Actually there is sky, but Gods forgot to update it.

Quilleuts_one: Because its tibia and not star wars

Elais: Cipsoft thought that people who play Tibia rarely see the sky in real life so they wouldn't care about it in the game.

Dfer: Because if it existed, Dragons would fly over the cities trying to burn all the newbies!

rteger: Many living creatures are sensitive for weather changes. Now imagine Orshabaal or other demon angered by sudden weather change, caused by sky's existing...  :|

Ponisz: of course the sky exists, if it didn't how else would we travel by carpets? hahaha

Ushatek: Because there was not enough blue colour in Paint.

Princess Eagle: Because newbies would want to jump with a parachute.

Got ya! part 4
Kariel Win on 24 October 2011 23:33:13 · Read More · 0 Comments · 922 Reads
In the next update, with a new mount will be possible to "fly". If you had this ability what would you do?

Gilthas Soulblade [57]: I'd fly over the crowd and crapped

Supyn on [141]: imagine the guys in the war flying

Lighting Bollts [30]: war in the sky gogo

Tio Paulista [89]: would fly to rook and get the spike sword '-'

Diney Bela [126]: omg, I'm afraid of heights

Paladino Dark Master [82]: I would go fishing in "high seas" = D

Elit Glock [90]: I would invade the island of gm's(cm's, members of CIP) xD

Malswet [142]: I would use to hunt and go through the DL fires without damage

Volcano Win [70]: I would go in the house of kariel through the balcony

Milosh Drown [118]: with wings, who needs a boat, saves a lot
Got ya! part 3
Kariel Win on 24 October 2011 23:32:47 · Read More · 0 Comments · 993 Reads
In the next update, Dinosaurs will "invade" Tibia. What do you think about that?

Warrior Noturno [126]: just hit with a meteor

Soombari [40]: I say that we playing tibia, not Jurassic park

Zarbiak [140]: are you kidding me?

Ocus Focos [100]: cool

Diney Bela [120]: will it be hard?

Destroyer Soulk [249]: crazy, without meaning to me

Six Man [39]: is medieval or prehistory?

Liniih [63]: I guess I'll die #@$ iheoiuehioh

Sir Rosca [103]: rox, imagine a dinosaur mount
Got ya! part2
Romano on 03 June 2011 19:13:39 · Read More · 2 Comments · 1026 Reads
Tibia will celebrate it's 50th anniversary. Would you like to wish CipSoft something?

Elhand Cruz [57]: if you pay me for that

Fire Fox Fire [37]: Happy birthday! When will you give me spike sword?

Milosierny Robal [19]: Happy birthday for the whole Tibia team. greets

Upalony Wojtek [74]: For the 50th anniversary, I wish you as good cooperation as it has been until now and successful updates.

Luriseq [76]: I would love to say happy birthday to the CipSoft Team for the next birthday. Let the work that you are doing for players and updates will be a plasure for you. happy birthday!

Krec Korba [14]: I have an honour to wish you all the best for the 50th anniversary of your company. I really appreciate your work that you have been doing in order to develop the game. Wish you more successes, Bartek from Poland.

Knightcica [12]: I wish you new ideas, more active administrators and even though, you have a lot of it - more creativity.

Arthur-Mystic Archer [239]: I would have to think about it... but 50th anniversary? wtf?

Prodromox [93]: Congratulations and best wishes from guild Legendary Phoenixs
Comic strip 1
Romano on 29 April 2011 00:01:40 · Read More · 0 Comments · 755 Reads
FunZoneFirst of our comic strips!
Got ya!
Romano on 28 April 2011 23:52:48 · Read More · 0 Comments · 835 Reads
Welcome, as you probably know, website Tibia.com became Supported Fansite few days ago. What is your opinion about that?

Shin Wuu [2]: tibia com is the main page so its very reasonable solution to add it to fansites

Evene Soug [21]: Sure it's good idea, promotion is always welcome and will attract new players

Golden Palladinn [77]: tibia.com should not promote any games; ]

Lucy Solta [107]: I don't have an opinion about that

20:49 Simson Awo [23]: yes, they promote games and tibians can switch to different games :/ so they should not promote anything but tibia  and they should switch to tibia 8.62

20:53 Rookstayer Kaniek [39]: my opinion is that its always good to have more supported fansites because it might attract more players. so yes, its a good idea.

20:59 Enzehirios [126]: who cares? its worldwide known game

21:01 Madorin [21]: It's very good for me. Tibia will have more players and will be more popular in the world.

21:04 Galius Jenos [50]: I dont know what supported fansite is


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