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FunZone News #02
Kariel Win on 20 August 2012 00:56:13 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1765 Reads

The fake news of the future!

Notícia em Portugues(clique aqui)


Today makes 5 years since the last appearance of Chayenne. Many should remember this boss, she was added during the event on the 15 years of Tibia and dropped a mysterious key. Since then, many players have tried to find out what this key opens.

We tried a contact with a gentleman who claims to have discovered the language of the dragons, which can help us about the mysteries of this key, but we didn't find he.

That was the last image we got from our explorer journalist, after that we lost contact:

We sent a team to search him

but the place was empty and no sign of life.

FunZone News #01
Kariel Win on 17 August 2012 04:46:33 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1551 Reads

The fake news of the future!

Notícia em Portugues(clique aqui)

New Record!

The Top level Megazord (also known as the King of the Machines) got the incredible level 700!

Our staff tried a contact but we didn't get any answer from the player.

FunTibia on Future!
Kariel Win on 15 August 2012 02:00:00 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1469 Reads

Versão em Portugues(clique aqui)

Our team of scientists found instructions to make a time machine

So, we sent a reporter into this adventure.

Good luck to him!

FunTibia Art
Kariel Win on 19 May 2012 01:23:25 · Read More · 1 Comment · 976 Reads
Dark Knight with his horse
made by Julia

If you want to see more arts you can click here

FunZone - Funny answers part 5
Kariel Win on 04 May 2012 06:09:35 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1029 Reads
How NPC can talk to 100 players at the same time?

Liquider: Becouse they have "god mode" so they are in in infinity person but we see only one.

Ponisz: Because they're like a mother's heart: there is always room for one more.

Gabizaramella: he can talk to 100 players at once because he's a nerd with advanced typing!

Quervel: Because NPCs are controlled by mutated CipSoft members just like we are controlling our characters. So they are talking to us just by opening many chat windows, like we are doing it. It's possible thanks to genetic experiments on young people who agree to work as NPC, for free PACC forever.

psicose: Natural selection of capitalism, only the best survive.

sirwinner: A NPC has the same power as Charles Xavier from X-Men. He talks with us using his mind in which from being super-endowed, he can differ the voices from each player, talking and listening many players at once.

Striker Skazy: They're telepathic, led by the space invaders

FunZone - Funny answers part 4
Kariel Win on 05 April 2012 02:43:34 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1023 Reads
Why summoned creatures can be killed by monsters that have summoned them? Lords killing their servants? Why?

toonzera: Lords needs to kill servants to keep alive, imagine you summon 2 demon skeletons and a demon appear, but you got trapped by ur demon skeletons, and you need to kill those summons to keep alive, traggic, but true, poor summons, always getting killed to save their lords

Sogogo: They do it so they know who the boss is.

pedrinhu221: Because the summoned creatures are just mere illusions to deceive ourselves, not only their masters as anything can destroy them. Illusions idiots deserve their land back.

Elais: Sometimes you just have to keep your pimp hand strong to show people who's boss!

Nienna Telperien: It's a simple demonstration to any heroic player how easy they can make barbecue out of them

AstShiun: it's like the old and wisely members of Noodles Academy of Modern Magic's says.. "In The Wild, only the strong survive".

Scrholl: That's how Lord Voldermort, Darth Vader, The Joker and the greatest villains in history treated their servants: hasta la vista baby!!

402306: Because the caller thinks to himself "what a hell is it? I can do better, I will destroy and do a lot better!"

Bigx: They kill their own summons, only to cause fear , so they say "If I kill my own summons imagine what I do with you!" HAHA It is only psychological pressure

dragons fenix zi: They do it to have the best summons, everyone knows that practice leads to perfection!!

Lunatic Dark: Those summons, who gets on the way of theyr master are rebels! so they deserve to die!

Kassio182: lord say: "first you than me"

Ushatek: Lords heard about Hellgorak. They are scared, that summons can kill them like dreadbeast are killing theirs master :/

FunZone - Funny answers part 3
Kariel Win on 23 January 2012 17:33:56 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1045 Reads
Why are we followed by cats in Tibia while in real life they run away?

Shionk: Because only in tibia we walk all the day with fishes in our backpacks ;o

gabriel1212: because they want to "catch" us

Grosh: Because we all have at least 10 levels of fishing so they think we have always fish with us.

Kareem: Because they know that our Tibian characters are the mighty and brave warriors who used to kill their biggest enemy.. The rats!!! we all know in the early days of our Tibian life we gained many levels mostly by hunting those annoying and ugly rats, So now.. this why are we followed by cats all the time since it's a great honor for them to follow such a great warriors! and their * MEOW* it when they are asking for our autographs!

Lunatic Dark: Rats are too big to hunt, so theyr trying theyr hypnotizing skills on humans!

Akron Darkheart: They follow us because no one showers in tibia so our chars probably smell like dead fish and cat's food

firolo: because the cats forget to put the 'off' , from the follow , in their tibia clients

guardian of druts: Cats have two modes:
1.I am full, leave me alone
2.I am hungry. Feed me please.
Some cipsoft programmers have cats that are always hungry, because "someone" has forgotten to feed them. Programmers see only hungry cats following them and saying "give me food" so they created cats in tibia in this way.

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