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FunZone - Funny answers part 7
Kariel Win on 22 September 2012 19:09:18 · 0 Comments · 1381 Reads
Why can't we sit in Tibia?

dragons fenix zi: We don't sit because is so much cool to stand up on chairs, we all should try it at home.

Shionk: We cant sit cause the programmers know how much bad for health is sitting for long time... and they dont want the same problem for we, the players

pedrinhu221: Because the creator of the game suffered from hemorrhoids... and decided to take revenge!

Crimm: We can't sit because of bad joints, we always must be standing straight and we must never bend our knees for such a silly reason as sitting.

Dark-Ignobae: We can't sit because we don't have butt in tibia (have you ever seen 1?

toonzera: they don't let us sit, but they creared chairs, we should sit on game to wait for betters updates

guardian of druts: We can't sit because programmers are too lazy to change graphics of outfits

Sogogo: Can't sit because characters compensate the time we are sitting at our chairs playing that's why they stay stand.
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