New Item Modifiers
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obrazekIn order to distinguish equipment beyond the current possibilities, a number of new item modifiers are going to be introduced, which will already be added to the equipment introduced in the upcoming update. As with already existing modifiers, the effect only manifests when the respective item is equipped.

Specialised Magic Levels

Instead of raising the magic level flatout by a certain number, this modifier raises the magic level only for a certain group of spells and runes. These are: Fire, Earth, Energy, Ice, Holy, Death, Healing. All spells and runes have been assigned to the appropriate category. If none is applicable, they are part of the "various" category which cannot benefit from specialised magic level.


If a weapon has this modifier, regular attacks damage up to two creatures (secondary targets) for a certain percentage of the attack hitting the main target, if they are standing next to the main target and the player. Assuming the player is fully surrounded by creatures and an attack hits the main target, these are the secondary targets affected by Cleave:

Secondary target Main target Secondary target
Unaffected Player Unaffected
Unaffected Unaffected Unaffected

Main target Secondary target Unaffected
Secondary target Player Unaffected
Unaffected Unaffected Unaffected

Different types of damage will be dealt as a percentage as well. The damage the main monster receives before any reduction will be dealt as a percentage to the other creatures, where the damage might be reduced according to their defense (sensitivity, armor, etc.).

obrazekMagic Shield Capacity

Each item with this modifier increases the size of the Magic Shield both by a certain percentage as well as a fixed amount. This applies both to the Magic Shield spell as well as the Magic Shield potion.

Range Bonus

The damage of attacks in a certain range, defined by the modifier, will be increased by a certain number. This damage bonus augments only ranged attacks and not spells, runes, or charms, and will be added to the damage at the end. Hence, it does not benefit from character level, distance fighting, etc.

Damage Reflection

While wearing an item which has this modifier, enemies which deal melee damage to you will take a certain amount of damage for each attack. The reflected damage cannot be greater than 1% of the maximum hit points of the attacker.

For more information on these modifiers, please see the correspondingĀ TLDR.

We hope you like these new modifiers,
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