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Spring into Life
fraanciellevieira on 16 April 2014 04:27:04 · 0 Comments · 567 Reads
Again it is the time of the year when dragon mothers hatch their eggs to send out their dangerous breed to set the Tibian lands on fire. 

From April 16 until April 23, almost every dragon lair will be filled with newborn dragon hatchlings.Sharpen your blades! Sharpen your shiver arrows! Get your avalanche and icicle runes! Show them that Tibians are not afraid of fire, but beware: more hatchlings will follow and get out of their eggs until the dragon breeding season is over again! As a reward for your bravery, every dragon hatchling will yield 25% more experience. 

In addition, five surprise nests are hidden in most of the cities and with some luck, you might find something nice in them. Furthermore, rabbits, chickens, and silver rabbits are dropping colourful eggs. During this event, you can also buy them from Imalas, Maria, and Bonifacius. 

Get ready!
Realese of new Payment System and Pricing
fraanciellevieira on 09 April 2014 17:12:31 · 0 Comments · 496 Reads
s recently announced, we are about to implement a new payment system together with the new pricing structure. Today, we would like to provide more information on the upcoming release.

The new payment system will be released on Monday, April 14, 2014. With its implementation, the new pricing structure will also come into effect. In order to ensure a smooth migration, the whole payment system will be offline for a few hours on April 14, 2014, from 10:00 CEST on. During this time, further sections and functions of the website may also be temporarily unavailable. Premium Scrolls and extra services will be temporarily deactivated as well. 
The migration process will end with a downtime of all game worlds. We will inform you once the release of the new payment system and pricing structure has been completed.

Please note, that the payment service of element 5 will no longer be available once the new payment system has been released. This also means that it will not be possible anymore to order Premium Time for other players via element 5.
Even so, the new payment system will offer a diverse range of payment methods to choose from, such as Paypal or mobile payments just to name two examples. Please note, though, that not all payment methods will be available in all countries and for all products.
Also, different prices may by charged for the same product depending on the payment method you have chosen. Prices will be shown in the currency of your selected country. So if you want to know prices and what payment methods are available for the product of your choice, simply check it for yourself once the new payment system has been implemented. With its release, we will provide further information and instructions on how to use the new payment system. 

All orders that were placed before the release of the new payment system and pricing structure will be processed as usual and you will pay the price that was valid when you placed your order.

Please note again that all active subscriptions will be set to expire with the implementation of the new prices and payment system. From then on, no further recurring payments will be deducted once the already paid period ends.

See you in Tibia!
New Mates on Board
fraanciellevieira on 07 April 2014 22:08:23 · 0 Comments · 528 Reads
Last year, we were searching for a new product manager and a game designer to reinforce the Tibia team, and luckily, we found them quickly. 

The training period of both has finally come to an end and it is about time to introduce them to the community. 

Knights and paladins, sorcerers and druids, please give a warm welcome to our new game designer Evonary and our new product manager Skagar. 

Both prepared a short introduction and are eagerly waiting to answer questions about themselves and their background. Read on: 

Hello fellow Tibians! 

Finally the time has come to introduce myself. I am your new game designer, which means that I work hard in order to deliver you fun features, figuring out concepts how game experience-related systems should work. It will also be my responsibility to mentor future Tibia Councils. 

A few words about myself: After my university studies in the field of game design, I worked for a publisher for game evaluation for some time and after that in a small start-up company as game designer for a little while. Now I'm happy to be here. Besides playing games, I like to watch anime in my free time. 

Let the show begin!
I'm looking forward to your questions. 

Best regards,


Hi everybody, 

I am your new Tibia product manager for development. My responsibility is our project management, to ensure a smooth feature development and to coordinate with our programmers, content designers, testers, the graphic artists and other departments of CipSoft. 

Before joining CipSoft, I worked as project manager for international organisations and in the games business. Before all that, I started off as a hobby wine grower in southern Germany. 

I love games and movies (only the good ones of course), and I am addicted to skiing. And to good food. 

Anyway, I am very much looking forward to working on Tibia and to your questions. 

Best wishes,


Do you have any questions? Head over to the Auditorium and have a chat. 

Welcome Evonary! Welcome Skagar!

Premium Button and Content Fixes and Changes
fraanciellevieira on 31 March 2014 19:39:56 · 0 Comments · 662 Reads
With today's server save we implemented a new and faster way to get premium status from within the game for both clients, the Get Premium button. 

A new widget can be found under your inventory in the stand-alone client and above your inventory in the Tibia Flash client. Furthermore, you will find a little icon, a crown, next to your purse icon in both clients. Using the crown will enable or disable the Get Premium widget if you are a premium player or if you already bought premium time in the past.Please click on the graphic.
The widget will also appear automatically if your premium time is about to expire. 

If you click on the Get Premium button you will be directly forwarded to the corresponding page of your account management if you are already logged in on the website. In case you are not logged in yet, you will be asked to enter your data now. 

Along with this new feature we implemented some content fixes and changes:
  • Players now receive a message when using frozen starlight on Yakchal's empty coffin.
  • In case of a world transfer, only 100 pieces of cluster of solace can now be transferred to the new game world.
  • The reward mechanism was added to Tanjis, Jaul, and Obujos. Please note, that the chests there still work as before.
  • We addressed a small issue with the look of the male and female druid outfit.
  • Some walls in the houses Lair and Lost Cavern can now be decorated.
  • The dream warden outfit is now accessible as intended.
  • NPC Robson now also sells labels in addition to parcels.
  • Last but not least, some map issues and typos have been fixed as well.
Together with these changes, a new client version will be available. The patch will download automatically when you log into the game. You can also download the new stand-alone client version 10.38 from our download section

See you in Tibia!
Performance Test on Aurora and Aurera Again!
fraanciellevieira on 27 March 2014 15:53:55 · 0 Comments · 616 Reads
nce again, we will run a performance test on Aurora. The test will take place today from 13:00 CET until 16:00 CET approximately.

During the test phase, the reward container will be added again to the following monsters:

  • brimstone bug
  • corym charlatan
  • corym skirmisher
  • corym vanguard
  • cyclop
  • demon skeleton
  • dragon
  • dragon lord
  • ghoul
  • ice golem
  • larva
  • lizard high guard
  • rotworm
  • skeleton
  • tarantula
  • tortoise

Different from the last test, this time the reward container will be added to the monster corpses among the usual loot of the monsters. The reward container will be only implemented for technical reasons and will have no function at all. That means that the reward mechanism will not be active for the mentioned monsters. If you try to open the reward container you will receive the message:"You already claimed your reward!" 

Reward containers of bosses, for example, Ferumbras, will not be affected by this test and the reward mechanism will work as usual. 

Please note again that this is a technical performance test, therefore we cannot give you further details. For both the start and the end of the test a short downtime will be necessary.

See you in Tibia!
Performance Test on Aurora and Aurera
fraanciellevieira on 25 March 2014 16:42:35 · 0 Comments · 479 Reads
From tomorrow's server save on until server save of March 31, we will run a performance test on both preview game worlds.

During the test phase, the reward container that you know from some boss fights, will be added to several monster corpses on Aurora and Aurera and therefore, the reward system will be implemented for those monsters as well.

In the corpses of the following monsters you will find the reward container with an active reward mechanism:
  • brimstone bug
  • corym charlatan
  • corym skirmisher
  • corym vanguard
  • cyclop
  • demon skeleton
  • dragon
  • dragon lord
  • ghoul
  • ice golem
  • larva
  • lizard high guard
  • rotworm
  • skeleton
  • tarantula
  • tortoise
That means that all players who have the right to claim a reward can do that by opening the reward container in the corpses or in the reward chest that can be found at the Adventurers' Guild. Please note that if a monster drops no loot, you will receive the message "You already claimed your reward." Due to technical reasons it is not possible to change the message for now.

Also, this is a technical performance test, therefore we cannot give you further details. The performance test is not defined as preview phase which means that we do not plan to reset the preview worlds during or after the test.

See you in Tibia!
Open Letter to All Tibians
Soul Magee on 24 March 2014 18:42:04 · 0 Comments · 807 Reads

Images: letter_martel_D.gifear Tibians,

Today, we, Durin and Steve, are writing to you to inform you about an upcoming change in Tibia's pricing structure. As we do not want to beat around the bush, we will get straight to the point: We have to raise the prices of Tibia Premium Scroll packages as well as extra services in April. We know that a price increase is not welcome news so we would like to explain why this is a necessary, albeit unpleasant, step.

Since 2005, we have kept the prices for premium status in Tibia the same. Our community has always been a passionate one, showing great enthusiasm and dedication since the early days of Tibia. This commitment allowed Tibia to grow from a hobby project into a flourishing game and is a constant inspiration for all of us here at CipSoft. In appreciation of our loyal community, we have always felt it crucial to do our best to keep prices reasonably low, and we tried to hold off any kind of increase for as long as possible.
For over nine years, we managed to operate and develop Tibia without having to raise our prices. Our costs, however, have increased over time. From 2005 until 2013, the cumulative inflation rate in Germany amounted to approximately 16%. As you can probably imagine, this had a significant impact on our costs. Also, like many other independent developers nowadays, we have to face the challenges of a more competitive market.

Images: trumpeteer_withouttext.pngIn order to ensure that we can provide the quality and service level you expect, we have to take the difficult decision to adjust our pricing structure.
As soon as it comes into effect, the price of one single Premium Scroll will be EUR 8.95. Of course, you will still benefit from savings if you buy larger Premium Scroll packages. For example, a package of 6 Premium Scrolls will cost EUR 53.70 and will grant you an additional Premium Scroll for free. So you will receive 7 Premium Scrolls at the price of 6.
Keeping prices as affordable as possible is one of our prime concerns. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to also offer you a lower-priced way to get premium status. We will reintroduce the possibility to buy different units of Premium Time which are activated automatically on your account after purchase. Premium Time bought this way cannot be transferred into the game as Premium Scrolls. The price of 30 days of direct Premium Time will be EUR 8.45. If you buy larger units, you will receive further savings in comparison to Premium Scroll packages. For example, 90 days of direct Premium Time will cost EUR 22.35 which corresponds to the current Premium Time price of EUR 7.45 per month. For more information on prices and savings, please check the new price list. You can also find the new prices for extra services there. In addition, we have prepared a short FAQ in the Auditorium.

Together with the new pricing structure, we are going to release a new payment system which will offer additional payment options and simplify the whole payment process to make it more convenient. Unfortunately, this brings along some technical changes which prevent us from continuing subscriptions. This means that all active subscriptions will be set to expire with the implementation of the new prices and payment system. Thus, no further recurring payments will be deducted once the already paid period ends. We plan to reintroduce subscriptions at a later time but they will have to be set up anew then.

The new pricing structure and the new payment system are scheduled for release in April 2014. Rest assured that we will inform you as soon as we can provide you with a specific date.
Of course, you can continue to buy Premium Scroll packages and extra services for the current prices until the new pricing structure goes into effect.

We truly appreciate your continued support and we hope that you will understand the necessity for our decision. We are committed and eager to develop and improve Tibia further to offer an enjoyable game experience in the years to come.

Thank you for being a part of Tibia!


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