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Interview with Ogrey!
Romano on 19 April 2011 13:21:29 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1245 Reads
From this week on, one of community managers - Ogrey - is not working in CipSoft anymore. We asked fansite coordinator, CM Rejana, for special permission to make an interview with Ogrey because he was about to leave CipSoft. Few fansites joined us and today we would like to present this interesting interview!

Enjoy the reading.
FunTibia Update!
Romano on 04 April 2011 17:18:57 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1299 Reads

After few weeks of updating FunTibia.com, we would like to present you the new FunTibia!
It's time to start new era. Firstly, we would like to present you this what we have changed so far:
Completely new layout created by Li Dao, implemented by Pezcri Dala and new welcome page (by Sandra)!
New games section
FunTibia Lotto
New board on the mainpage replaces old articles panel. Now you can find latest articles, pictures and comic strips (new feature as well) there!
Picture cloud on the bottom right side
Expanded Hall of Fame - now includes videos.
FunTibia Staff members have coloured nicks.
"Like" button in the preview of picture and quote/story/joke.
New BBCodes! (player, guild)

Some technical improvements were added to:
Slideshow on the mainpage - now it randomly chooses 5 pictures from an album, not like in the past - 5 separately uploaded pics.
Censorship on forum - now our users are safer.
Graphical improvements of rating, forum icons, gallery thumbs.

It's not the end!

New era involves new people therefore we open the recruitment! We are aiming to become promoted fansite and it's you who can help us achieve it! Together with satisfaction, promoted fansite helpers get premium time (3 people) and access to test server (5 members) for free! So as you can see, it's worthy to join us :)
We are looking for:
- game developers - some simple and more complicated games. Might be crosswords, flash games... simply everything! Game developer will have to create such games.
- content team members - mainly tasks will be to add jokes, quotes, pictures to our database and manage users' submissions.
- movie makers - we are aiming to launch new feature - FunTibia TV - with funny movies created by our team. Therefore we need people who could write scripts, act in a movie or just combine it and make ready to publish.
Don't miss the chance, apply now to romano@tibiopedia.pl and explain what role you are applying for and why we should choose you.

Lastly, we have a contest for you! :)
Task is very simple - you have to add content on FunTibia. Add your own jokes, stories, pictures and movies.
You may not use Tibia.pl database of jokes. You should use your own collection.
Time to add the content is about one month so you can do it until the 1st of May (including Sunday).
For each Quote&Story submission you will get 2 points, for movies and pictures 1 point. People with the highest amount of points on the last day of April will win:

1. Tome of choice, golden warrior trophy, rune embleme
2. Stuffed toad, silver warrior trophy, rune embleme
3. Baby Seal Doll, bronze warrior trophy , rune embleme

What is more, you will have a chance to win Dread Doll! It will be awarded for the best joke selected by FunTibia.com users!

All details about contest Masters of Fun are available here.

Hope you will have fun with new FunTibia.com!
Layout for FunTibia - contest!
Romano on 25 January 2011 15:32:27 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1144 Reads
One contest is over so it's a good idea to organise something new!
This time, we need the best Tibian graphic artists! We need you and you need us!

FunTibia.com will be updated, our system will be completely new and more advanced with numerous brand-new features. However, we decided to leave one of the most important parts of the update for you.
Your task is to create an incredible layout for this fansite.

Prizes are just awesome!

More details are available in this thread.
Royal Painting Contest
Romano on 05 January 2011 16:55:51 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1098 Reads
Ooooh dear...! Vad Inchi and Lou Toose, the two most famous Tibian painters, are facing a real problem. They both have received order to create a painting for one of the Royals. Lou Toose has to try to please Queen Eloise of Carlin with his art, while Vad Inchi needs to do the same for King Tibianus of Thais. Both painters are desperate, facing huge empty canvases, being aware that this painting could be the very last they ever create. The rivalry between the Queen and the King is well-known throughout the Tibian lands and being caught in the middle of it all might become life-threatening in the end.

So while the King and the Queen sit together, both being certain that they have picked the better painter, Vad Inchi and Lou Toose are confronted with the most stressful situation they ever had to face - and both have the problem that they cannot paint well under pressure. Can you help them?

This contest consists of two rounds. The preliminaries take place on some of our supported and promoted fansites. Until January 19 you can submit either a picture related to Carlin or a picture related to Thais. Please have a look at this post for further details about the picture, rules of the contest, prizes and a complete list of participating fansites.

Each fansite will choose a winning picture for Carlin, and one for Thais. From these pictures, the final winners will be chosen by us, and they will serve as inspiration for our two desperate painters in the castles.

In case you need inspiration yourself, please have a look at the city guides of Carlin and Thais.

Good luck!
Your Community Managers
Fansite Item!
Romano on 20 December 2010 18:32:16 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1099 Reads

I would like to announce that FunTibia is organising Fansite item contest!

If you want to participate, please have a look here.

Good luck and have fun!

FunTibia.com is supported now!
Romano on 16 December 2010 14:41:49 · 0 Comments · 1221 Reads

I would like to announce that FunTibia.com is Supported Fansite from today!

It's an important step forward for us and we hope you will help us to develop this fansite!

Have fun with us!

Next update.
Romano on 15 October 2010 03:10:00 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1049 Reads
As you probably have noticed, FunTibia.com was offline for few hours due to maintenance work. Today, we have fixed the most important problems of the fansite and updated it.

The most visible change is the main page, which no longer presents news. Now you can find here various panels with latest or most popular articles, pictures, etc. To read news, you have to click "FunTibia news" in navigation menu. Also, there is one more left-slide panel which presents fansites' logos.

Furthermore, the size of FunTibia logo has been changed (height) and now it does not occupy half of the screen's area. In addition to that, several layout fixes were implemented and thumbs of photo gallery albums were changed.

Forum has been updated and as a result of that, it has wider functionality. Rating system was completely changed and now you can enjoy star rating!

Another part of content (quotes, photos, etc) has been added, but we are waiting for you - dear users! We deeply believe you will add your own quotes, stories, movies, photos, jokes and gosspis in a great amount!


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