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Monster Rampage
fraanciellevieira on 01 July 2014 17:19:59 · 0 Comments · 519 Reads
You can run but never hide! A storm of annihilation is coming to send Testa and Testera back into endless darkness! 

Get ready, Tibians! Once again, we will test your courage and your fighting skills. Boss monsters and nasty creatures will wait for you on both test servers and will stretch you to the limit. 


Testa: June 26, from 15:00 until 16:00 CEST approximately.

Testera: June 26, from 16:00 until 17:00 CEST approximately.


We will split up and summon monsters in different cities on Testa and Testera. The locations to face your doom will be broadcast a couple of minutes before the fun starts.

Enjoy your last meal! 
Your Community Managers
PvP Preview: Unjustified Kills
fraanciellevieira on 18 June 2014 16:21:25 · 0 Comments · 696 Reads
Attention, Tibians, it's preview time again! The recently announced preview featuring a redesigned unjustified kill system starts today on Aurora and Aurera!

Further details about the preview can be found in the announcements on Aurora's and Aurera's world boards so make sure to have a look before entering the fray.
In order to get a first idea about what to expect, our latest featured article may also be of interest to you.

We are really curious to hear about your experiences during the preview so please share your thoughts in the designated feedback threads on Aurera or Aurora. Game designer Evonary will do her best to answer your questions about the preview there.
What we need is constructive feedback so please support your opinions with reasons, tell us why you like or dislike something and do not assume we know what you want to say. Most importantly, be open-minded, try out the new system, and experience how it works before forming an opinion.

Please note again that the preview is only available on the preview game worlds Aurora and Aurera. If you use the Tibia Flash client to play, the necessary patch will download automatically. If you want to participate in the preview by using the stand-alone client, you need to download and install a special client version which you can find in the download section.

Last but not least, we have decided to permanently turn off double experience and double skill gain after this preview phase is over. Vibrant communities with all the complexity, components and challenges like regular game worlds have evolved on Aurera and Aurora by now so we do not consider this initial experience and skill gain boost necessary anymore. You can still benefit from these effects while the preview is active, though.

Have fun!
Your Community Managers
Return To Sender
fraanciellevieira on 16 June 2014 20:11:54 · 0 Comments · 613 Reads
Z. Z.

Dear Z.Z., 

Thank you for your reports. Your recent discovery of the island Oramond and the city Rathleton is indeed extremely stunning. Anyway, I have bad and good news for you. Let me start with the bad ones first. Unfortunately, it was not possible to analyse the sample of glooth you attached to your first letter. I tried everything but to be honest, I am at my wit's end. I guess you have to continue the analysis in Rathleton with the help of the inhabitants and all history books we can find in the local library. Also, I am sorry to disappoint you concerning your request to visit you there. My affairs in Port Hope do not allow me to travel anywhere. Therefore, I cannot accept your invitation, my old friend. 

Now, let me tell you the good news. Of course, I sent copies of your letters to all members of our society to inform them about the newly discovered area. As you can imagine, it caused a sensation among the explorer society and other adventurers. Warriors, explorers, and scholars are gathering to set out and visit Oramond and Rathleton. You can expect them to arrive soon. I guess it is only a question of time until we are able to lift the secrets and mysteries of the island and the city...Another matter altogether: The messenger who delivered your last letter told me that there are a lot of rentable houses available in Rathleton. Even though I do not know when I will get away from here to visit Oramond, I would like to have my own residence for me and my fellows. The messenger talked about a big hall, with a great roof garden and a swimming pool. It would be awesome if you could rent that hall for us. I will send you some gold along with this letter. By the way, how is the weather on the island? 

And I have another interesting message for you. We concluded an agreement with the witches and wizards of the academy in Edron. They will cast a spell to reward the courage and bravery of those who hunt together. As you know, Z.Z., we noticed an increase of solo actions all over the land. As a society, we have no interest in such behaviour. We want an active population, working and living together, helping each other if necessary... That is why we negotiated with the mages. I am curious if our efforts will be a success or not. Well, we will know it soon. 

That's it for now, old friend. Please keep me updated about what is going on. 

Best wishes,
Come To Rathleton!
fraanciellevieira on 16 June 2014 20:10:47 · 0 Comments · 638 Reads
Tibian Explorer Society
Port Hope

My dear old friend, 

I really have to admit that I am impressed by Rathleton. And the city astonishes me more and more every day. You should really visit that place as soon as you can. 

It is not just that the citizens manage to keep all the creatures at bay and to protect Rathleton against pillage and plunder, at least the quarter where they live. They also really surprised me with a unique way to handle their political affairs. 

According to the history of this island, Rathleton was once ruled by monarchs, and probably some other types of rulers as well, as I wrote in my first letter. Well, it seems that the inhabitants found a new, and let us say more independent way of governing the city. They established a voting system that allows every citizen to participate in politics. I talked with one of the locals who seemed to know something about the voting system: 

"In a city like Rathleton there are always many decisions to make and all those citizen fellows or those pursuing to become citizens are allowed to take part. By rendering services to the city everybody can achieve voting rights and thus participate in votings. Each vote you cast affects your citizen rank and the higher your citizen rank the more options to cast votes you have. As you can see, it's quite easy." 

It is understandable that you have to earn the right to vote before they let you take part in their decision process. Imagine the chaos if everyone who sets foot on Oramond would be allowed to vote without any proof of his or her loyalty. As far as I found out you can vote on different topics. For example, you can decide if the city should build special shortcuts to certain hunting grounds to grant easier and faster access. Also, it seems that the inhabitants of Rathleton have a preference for fighting anyway. Depending on the will of the majority they offer different challenges. For the first time in my life I wish I was a skilled fighter and not an explorer. I really would like to test some of the dungeons and opponents. However, we have to study this voting system further before we can form a final opinion on it. 

Again, I recommend you to come here as quickly as possible to get a better idea of Oramond and Rathleton. I know you would like to wear one of those Rathleton outfits. And Angus, I also saw a "walker". Curious what it is? Well Angus, I am waiting here for you... 

Yours sincerely,

fraanciellevieira on 11 June 2014 17:40:44 · 0 Comments · 516 Reads
ibian Explorer Society
Port Hope


My eyes did not deceive me. I saw them from the distance when I entered Rathleton for the first time. They looked so similar, but I was not sure...
As you know, Angus, our intuition and curiosity are our most important skills when it comes to exploring. So I explored the isle further and searched for them. It was easy to find their camp. The colour of their skin, the echo of their war cries, their behaviour, simply everything reminded me of a race we already know. Minotaurs, Angus. Minotaurs! Not those you can find on the main continent, though. The minotaurs I discovered on Oramond are stronger, taller, and more dangerous. I took the liberty to name them to make it easier for us to differentiate while we analyse them. 

I am sure that this is one of the most sensational discoveries of our time. I spotted different fighter types so far. Even female minotaurs are fighting in their herd. The fact that they are not male does not weaken them in any way. It is just the opposite. I saw those "minotaur amazons" killing an enemy from far away with spears with a power minotaur archers can only dream of. Not the type of women I would invite to dinner, I promise you. 
Then I saw "mooh'tah warriors". Tall like cyclops, in full panoply, and armed with two sharp and long swords that look like katanas. They will cut anyone in half who approaches them unprepared. 

Not to mention the "moohtants".
They are nothing but pure rage, whirlwinds of strength that crush all enemies without mercy. Even if I was a fighter and not an explorer, I would have no interest to test their fighting skills whatsoever. I also found several other types of new minotaurs but I could not get more information about them yet. It seems that one of them is also able to use magic. We have a lot of work to do to get more details. 

I am sure you agree with me. This is just stunning, but that is still not all I have to report. 

There are some strange creatures in and around Rathleton, as well. They remind me of golems and gargoyles. Furthermore, I spotted some weird beings I cannot describe yet. If I am not totally mistaken their existence has something to do with that glooth I mentioned in my last letter. Did you already analyse it? Did you get any results? 
I will try to trap and catch one of these "glooth creatures" for some experiments. And I still have to find out how and by whom this city is reigned. 

I will write to you again as soon as I have more information for you. 

Yours sincerely,
Sport a Jersey Outfit!
fraanciellevieira on 06 June 2014 18:43:46 · 0 Comments · 463 Reads
Are you up for a game of Tibian football but you lack proper clothing? Your character's fancy outfits are not comfortable enough to perform a bicycle kick? You are a fan and want to wear the colours of your favourite team?

Then we might have just the thing for you! Why not sport the easy fitting and comfortable jersey outfit in your next Tibian football match?! If you want to take a closer look at it, just click on the football to the right.

From server save on Thursday, June 12, on, all accounts with premium status can select the jersey outfit for their characters via the outfit menu ingame. It can be worn during the following four weeks which are hopefully packed with exciting football games and lots of fun!

Get ready for kickoff!
Your Community Managers
Land, Ho.
fraanciellevieira on 04 June 2014 21:42:41 · 0 Comments · 505 Reads
Tibian Explorer Society
Port Hope

Dear Angus, 

My expedition to the East brought me to an undiscovered isle, which is not charted on any map I know. When I arrived I thought the island would be unsettled or at least abandoned, but I was wrong. I found a lot of dangerous creatures almost everywhere. Some of them I already know from other places. Yet, there are also creatures I have never seen before and still, they look familiar to me. I have to study them further and then I will send you another letter with more details. I will also try to draw some sketches for you. You will understand what I mean once you see them... 

Right now I want to tell you about the city I spotted here. As far as I have noticed until now, the town is split in several parts. While most of the city seems to be occupied by the abovementioned creatures, the town centre is safe and actually ruled by humans. Partially, the city looks very decayed. Somehow it reminds me a bit of the factory quarter in Yalahar. You should send a copy of my letter to Timothy. Maybe he knows about a connection between both cities. The inhabitants call the isle Oramond and the town Rathleton. 
I have already talked with some of the citizens about the history of this place. It seems that it is very, very old. I have heard stories about an evil bloodlord who oppressed his subjects and about a foreign princess, who freed the island and brought peace to Oramond. Furthermore, I found signs that the Nightmare Knights once set foot on the isle as well. 
I am convinced that there is a lot more to discover. I need to talk to more people. Also, I have to visit the local library again to continue my research and to get further information. 

One thing, though, is really strange and makes me wonder. Rathleton does not have any ruler. There is no king or queen. No lord protector, no governor, no mayor. At least I could not find any. I am curious how the citizens of Rathleton shape policy. I really have to find it out. 

One more thing, before I will go back to my studies. The people here use a weird "material" as basis for almost everything. The slime of a local worm. They call it glooth! They make food and drinks out of it. Furthermore, it is used as a substitute for metal and even weapons consist of that glooth. I have attached a sample of it to the letter. Perhaps you can analyse it. 

I will soon send you the sketches of the creatures and hopefully more details about Rathleton, its history, its people, and its affairs. 

Yours sincerely,

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