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HappyBirthday PortalTibia!
Kariel Win on 25 October 2013 04:14:12 · Read More · 0 Comments · 925 Reads
Happy anniversary, PortalTibia.com.br! Today is their 11 anniversary, and they are celebrating big time! Pay them a visit to find out about their birthday celebrations! Congratulations from all of us, and best wishes for the future!

Grim Reaper - Real Life
Soul Magee on 23 October 2013 21:01:28 · Read More · 0 Comments · 2646 Reads
Results FunTibia Contest 2013
Kariel Win on 19 October 2013 02:50:36 · Read More · 3 Comments · 1078 Reads

1st place: Combi

Nice work Combi, you made ​​several strips very good hehe We were in doubt which to choose. Congratulations!

2nd place: Honourable

Char/City: Honourable Knight of Honera/Thais

Very good your drawing too. No one really understands these ironies of Tibia, the poor little sheep heueheuehue
Congratulations 2nd place!

3rd place: aboia

Char/City: Avertut/Liberty Bay

While the guy is waiting for your sister... come here to receive your third place! Congratulations! :)

The first place, please choose your prize and say your character name and a city.
(Heavy Medal www.tibiawiki.com.br/images/6/62/Heavy_Medal.gif or Stuffed Toad www.tibiawiki.com.br/images/e/e1/Stuffed_Toad.gif)
Pirate Ghost Artwork
Soul Magee on 12 October 2013 23:04:27 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1092 Reads
"What a nice pub you have", one of them said...
Kariel Win on 07 October 2013 02:00:00 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1377 Reads
y dear Karl,

Hope everything is fine with you. How is Toothless Tim? Still only talking with drunken people? And William? Does he still have problems remembering his name? How is the resistance doing?

Unfortunately, I am writing you to inform you about some bad news. I have to cancel our secret gathering about a possible support for your resistance. I really had some awful days. Let me explain what happened. I'm sure you will understand why I have to reject your invitation this time.

It all started some days ago when I had some problems with the terms of payment and delivery with my beer and wine merchant. Usually, I purchase the wares on account but recently, the management of my supplier changed and they only accept prepayment now. You, being a pub owner yourself, can probably imagine that I'm not rich, and that I simply can't pay that amount of money in advance. Business is not booming. Fewer and fewer people are coming to the tavern, and the tip is nothing to speak of. Bad times for us bar owners.
Anyway, I needed a plan to get enough money to be able to pay my supplier. Otherwise, I would have risk running out of beer and wine, and that would most likely have caused my ruin. So, what could I do?

Well, my first thought was to put the prices up, but as said, business is not profitable, and I didn't want to risk losing my last customers. Also, I needed short term money.
Gambling seemed to be a good idea to get money fast. A word and a blow. Well, of course, I didn't want to try my own luck with some dice but I offered the opportunity to my guests. I guess, I don't have to explain to you that gambling is prohibited in Thais, and that the Thaian town watch is very fast when it comes to petty crimes. Of course, they made a raid on my pub and caught me on the hop. So, I still had my payment problem with my supplier plus a very nice fine which I have to pay within the next days.

Could it get any worse? Yes! The whole situation was really frustrating, and I didn't have a clue what to do.

While I was sitting there in my pub, thinking about how to get some money to solve my problems, the door opened and some dubious characters entered the room. My first thought was: Finally, customers! Well, I was disabused quickly.

"What a nice pub you have", one of them said. "Would be a shame if some bad guys decide to bring some trouble in, wouldn't it?"

I answered that problems like that use to happen at a pub but that I have such situations under control.

"Yet, something bad can always happen", he said with an evil smile on his face. "And what do you do if those bad guys destroy your beloved pub?"

At that part of the conversation I already knew where this would lead to…

"Me and my mates offer you protection for a small fee, but, and I want to be honest with you, if you don't want our protection it is very likely that something bad will happen indeed. Don't worry, Frodo, we are no brutes, we will come back soon to see if you want our protection and to collect the first rate of your new insurance policy." Saying that, two of his mates grabbed a barrel of beer and the gang left the bar.

"… Great… now I can add protection racket to my other money problems", I thought to myself. I needed money for my supplier, money for the town watch, and now money for that gang. Alas! Of course, I could ask the sheriff or the guards to help me with the protection racket but after the issue with the illegal casino I really doubted they would even consider helping me. So, I needed another solution. Well, I decided to call it a day and to go to bed. You know, sometimes the world looks better after a snatch of sleep.

And indeed, the next day started with some good news. Lynda, the priest of the Great Pantheon who has her temple close to my pub, visited me with a request:

"Frodo, my dear neighbour, I have a problem and I really hope you can help me."
"Hey Lynda, I will try my best. What do you need?"
"Look, I have a big wedding this afternoon, and unfortunately, the bridal couple forgot to book any place where they can celebrate after the ceremony. They first wanted to book the Games Hall, but to be honest, that place is always filled with… you know. So I suggested them to book Frodo's Hut. They seemed to be excited and asked me, since you and me are neighbours, if I could book the pub for them. So, Frodo, here I am. I know the request is very short-termed but you would do me a big favour."
"Oh Lynda, it's a pleasure to help you. Don't worry about the timing. I'll manage it. Tell the bridal pair that I'll make a good price for them."

After we talked about the details of the party, Lynda left. I couldn't believe it. There was really some light at the end of the tunnel. Neither she nor the bridal couple did say anything about the price. Wedding parties are expensive. Everyone knows that. So, there was a real chance to get some of my problems solved. Immediately, I started with the preparations:
I cleaned the whole pub and got my best wine and beer from the cellar. I fetched the most beautiful and loveliest flowers from Marvik. I borrowed some nice instruments from Quero, and I could even wheedle some jewels out of Hanna - in case the bridegroom would want to buy his wife some shiny diamonds or something like that. Furthermore, I bought some new chairs from Gamon for the wedding guests. And last but not least, I found some firework rockets for the party. Everything was well prepared and ready.

To cut a long story short, the evening was a big hit. The bridal couple and all guests were thrilled. They paid me an awesome price and gave me a generous tip as well. I was really stunned. With this money I could easily pay my supplier and the town watch.
I was confident that the guards and the sheriff would also help me then solve the problem with the gang and the protection racket. I was happy.
So, I decided to take a sip. Well, you can imagine that one gulp followed another. After some mugs of beer I ended up in Aruda's arms. Really, it was a nice evening but I should have known better. After I woke up the next morning, I only needed some seconds to realise that all my money was gone. Aruda! I fell for it. Everyone in Thais knows that she's a legendary pickpocket but I, Frodo, had to fall for it. Darn!

I resigned myself to my fate and wallowed in self-pity. Days flew by and I hardly noticed what was happening around me. I was just sitting in my pub, staring into space, and doing nothing. Well, then two days ago, a pair of strong hands shook me. I was too tired and desperate to realise the situation. So I asked friendly:

"How can I help you, Sir?"

Broad laughter was the answer. "The half-pint doesn't remember who we are", said the guy who shook me."Let's help him to refresh his memory!"

The scales fell from my eyes. The gang was here again to claim the protection money. Before I could say a single word the mob started wreak havoc in my pub. After they had destroyed some chairs and tables the leader of the gang started to talk again:

"See Frodo, that can happen if you do not have any protection. The world is bad and there are many villains. So, did we convince you that it is better to sign a protection contract with us?", he asked me with a devious smile.

I started stammering and sweating, searching for an excuse these bad guys would accept. I was sure that a "I simply do not have the money" wouldn't do the trick.

Suddenly, the door opened again, and the sheriff and the town watch entered my pub. I guess you can imagine what happened next. Obviously, both groups knew each other and had only limited mutual sympathy. The situation escalated and I couldn't do anything but watch and wait. The fight between them lasted only some minutes but they smashed my entire pub to pieces.

Well, the good thing: The gang got arrested and I won't see them for a very long time, so one problem solved.
But the bad thing: the sheriff has not forgotten that I still have to pay my penalty. He told me that he will come back later this week to collect it. Can you tell me how to earn any money with a pub that is only a pile of junk? Who wants to visit a bar that looks like the city dump of Venore? But without an open pub I won't be able to get any cash and without cash I can't repair my pub. What a vicious circle! Now I need a lot money to refurbish the bar, I still need money to pay the sheriff, and I still need money for my supplier...

And last but not least, my uncle will come to see me. He is really rich since he looted some treasure fighting a dragon. Usually, I would ask him to help me out with a loan. Unfortunately, I lost his ring which he gave me for safe keeping. I am dead certain that he will be really upset about the loss. He really loves that ring, even calls it his precious… seems I'm in for even more trouble.

Well, Karl, that's it. I guess you understand that I can't come to our meeting. Furthermore, do you think you could lend me some money by the way?

Dread Doll, o intrometido
Kariel Win on 04 October 2013 04:19:02 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1194 Reads
Just a breath
Kariel Win on 04 October 2013 03:27:39 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1017 Reads

Apenas um sopro


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