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Transaction History and Cyclopedia Back Button
Wziumajka on 05 February 2019 19:58:15 · 0 Comments · 38 Reads
With today's server save, we have released a new client version that brings some smaller quality of life features into Tibia.

First of all, there is now a "Back Button" in the Cyclopedia, which, as the name suggests, allows you to go back and restore previously visited tabs of your Cyclopedia.

obrazekYou should also check out the overhauled Tibia Coin History in both your account management and the client, which now includes more details for each transaction:
If you have purchased Tibia Coins via the Market, you can now look up more transaction details such as the paid gold price per Tibia Coin and the total amount of spent gold.
If you are selling Tibia Coins via the Market, you can lookup similar details concerning your offer, even while it is still active.
Keep in mind, however, such details are only available for transactions that take place after today's server save. Older transaction will not show such information.

obrazekAnother new feature is a slightly redesigned NPC trade window.

For now, the changes are purely visual but will be further extended in future updates.

Speaking of redesigns, take a look at our new fansite sectionwarning. It comes with a newly structured interface, which allows you to grasp all information about each fansite and its content at a glance.

Last but not least, we decided to make some changes to the current Rapid Respawn Area Bonus system:
  • The so far daily random respawn area bonus will only trigger by a chance of 33% from now on.
  • In order to unlock an increased respawn bonus for a specific area, 10,000,000 gold are now required.
  • Dawnport will no longer be part of the respawn bonus system but received a permanent increased respawn instead. Donating gold for Dawnport is therefore no longer possible.
In addition to those new features, some content changes were made as well:
  • As previously announcedwarning, all "of Destruction" weapons have a level requirement of 200 from now on.
  • Only players who have reached at least level 250 are now able to enter the hunting grounds of Carnivora's Rocks.
  • We have slightly increased the loot and XP output of monsters inhabiting the Secret Library.
We hope you enjoy the new features and can bring them to good use.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers
New Outfit
Wziumajka on 05 February 2019 19:57:38 · 0 Comments · 40 Reads
A new outfit has been added to the Store today!

Owl Keepers are often referred to as spirits walking through the forest at night, mere shadows during the day. They are also said to be shamans, protecting the flora and fauna of the Tibian lands.


You often see them wearing a stag's antlers on their head and in the company of an owl, for they are as wise and mysterious as these intriguing creatures.

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

Get yourself a cool owl companion!
Adjustment of New House Rents
Wziumajka on 30 January 2019 19:07:29 · 0 Comments · 42 Reads
Last week, we announced new rents for all houses, including flats and guildhalls, to bring them in line with today's economy in Tibia. Since then, we have received a lot of feedback from both active and retired players. We evaluated the concerns that were raised and the points of criticsm thorougly, and have decided to make the following adjustments:

Based on their ranking in terms of popularity and size, houses are now grouped into ten instead of just five rent categories. As a consequence, many houses now fall into categories with a lower future rent than originally announced. In addition, we significantly reduced the future rents for all guildhalls.

The new categories and rents are summarised here:


1. 25,000 gold/month (198 houses)
2. 50,000 gold/month (200 houses)
3. 80,000 gold/month (160 houses)
4. 100,000 gold/month (125 houses)
5. 150,000 gold/month (95 houses)
1. 200,000 gold/month (70 houses)
2. 300,000 gold/month (50 houses)
3. 400,000 gold/month (35 houses)
4. 600,000 gold/month (25 houses)
5. 800,000 gold/month (20 houses)


1. 250,000 gold/month (29 guildhalls)
2. 500,000 gold/month gold/month (20 guildhalls)
3. 1,000,000 gold/month (10 guildhalls)
4. 5,000,000 gold/month (5 guildhalls)

The future rents in the houses sectionwarning have been adjusted accordingly.

As mentioned, the new rents will become effective in April 2019, at the earliest. The concrete date will be announced as soon as it has been set.

Thank you for your feedback!
New Retro Hardcore & Optional PvP Game Worlds
Wziumajka on 29 January 2019 18:21:13 · 0 Comments · 43 Reads
We have great news for everyone who is seeking for a challenge on a brand new game world:
If the mere thought of mortal combat stirs your blood and sending other Tibians to the temple brings you the greatest joy, then the new Retro Hardcore PvP game worlds are exactly what you are looking for.

In case you would rather prefer to gain your experience points by fighting monsters than by killing other Tibians, the new Optional PvP game worlds are definitely a better choice for you.

During the course of the day on Wednesday, February 06, six new game worlds will be launched:

Retro Hardcore PVP: Furia (EU), Funera (NA) and Assombra (SA)

Optional PvP: Relania (EU), Cosera (NA) and Venebra (SA)

These worlds will be protected by BattlEye and will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.

Initially, only premium accounts will be able to play on Furia, Funera, Assombra, Relania, Cosera and Venebra.

Get ready for a new challenge!
Your Community Managers
Bugfixes and Content Changes
Wziumajka on 29 January 2019 18:20:41 · 0 Comments · 53 Reads
With today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:
  • Supply Stash: Using "Stow all items of this type" on items that are placed in Your Inbox container, automatically closes the Inbox window afterwards.
  • We have temporarily disabled the Frame Rate Limit slider for the windows client.
  • A missing protection zone field near NPC Kunibert has been added.
  • Hirelings that have learned the Trader skill are now selling meatham and brown mushrooms as well.
  • Summons can no longer enter the boss room of the First Dragon.
  • Firework rockets can now be disassembled with an obsidian knife or comparable tools.
Have fun,
Your Community Managers
Rapid Respawn Weekend
Wziumajka on 26 January 2019 21:13:45 · 0 Comments · 35 Reads
When monsters already respawn while you are still looting the dead bodies of their fallen conspecifics and you hear trapped players screaming for help, you know that a rapid respawn event is on! Gather your team and fight your way through neverending monster hordes.

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of February 01 and February 04, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy slaughtering!
Your Community Managers
New Rents for Houses, Flats and Guildhalls
Wziumajka on 26 January 2019 21:13:18 · 0 Comments · 44 Reads
Tibia's economy has changed significantly over the years. Nowadays, various ways and sources allow players to acquire gold and make profit, much more than back in the days. Many players have accumulated considerable wealth over time. Yet, house rents have not been changed in all these years. By today's standards, they are incredibly low.

In order to address this situation, new rents for all houses, including flats and guildhalls, have been determined. They will become effective in April 2019, at the earliest. Of course, we will inform you about the concrete date as soon as it has been set.

All houses have been ranked based on their popularity and size. To gauge popularity, we have calculated the average auction price as well as the median auction price of each house across all regular game worlds since 2015. Additionally, we have also factored in the number of days a house has been rented since 2015.

Based on their rank, houses have been grouped into categories which determine the new monthly rent:

    1. 50,000 gold/month (403 houses)
    2. 100,000 gold/month (250 houses)
    3. 200,000 gold/month (175 houses)
    4. 400,000 gold/month (100 houses)
    5. 800,000 gold/month (50 houses)

    1. 500,000 gold/month (29 guildhalls)
    2. 2,000,000 gold/month (20 guildhalls)
    3. 5,000,000 gold/month (10 guildhalls)
    4. 10,000,000 gold/month (5 guildhalls)

You can check the new monthly rents in the houses sectionwarning, both in the list of all available houses and if you view a specific house.

We would like to emphasise that the new rents will become due in April at the earliest. Until then, the current rents will apply.

Spread the word!

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