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Revamped Spells and Mighty Summons
Wziumajka on 27 June 2017 20:57:49 · 0 Comments · 37 Reads
New spells are coming to Tibia with this year's summer update!

Fearless knights can now gain and retain the full attention of all surrounding monsters! Casting the revamped Challenge spell helps the mighty warriors to protect their remaining party members from incoming monsters over an extended time frame.

Shooting Diamond Arrows allows a Paladin not only to directly hit an opponent but also its surrounding area. Better make sure that you are not standing within the two square radius of this ammunition when it hits its target!
If you want to take out one specific enemy, you may be better advised to use the Spectral Bolts. Their high single target damage makes you the perfect sniper and may come in handy in a lot of dicey situations.

Sorcerers can now conjure a Death Wand! Not only does the wand deal high death damage to your enemies, it also increases your magic level. The additional magic levels make the devastating death ball even stronger!

Last but not least, every vocation can now call up its very own powerful summon:

According to ancient stories, Skullfrost originated from the freezing depths of the Ice Islands. A long time ago, a brave and noble warrior lost his life on the battlefields of the Ice islands but was resurrected by an unknown force to guard and protect honourable Tibian elite knights from evil creatures and malicious influences. Skullfrost conserved the power of ice and death within his floating and fragile body, making him an ice-cold killer, an unstoppable guardian without mercy.

Once held prisoner in Hellgate, Emberwing is thirsting after revenge and retaliation. Granted immense power by a divine force, a deadly mixture of the elements of holy and fire literally burns within this creature's heart. Scarred by its time in captivity, Emberwing has decided to support the royal paladins with its devastating attacks. To strengthen their bond both have sworn eternal fidelity to each other and have promised to erase every evil creature from the lands of Tibia.

Rumours have it that Grove Beast's ancestors were the very first of Mother Nature’s creations. Unifying all wondrous abilities and forces of Tibia's flora and fauna, the beast might even be the source of all living animals. Grove Beast represents the strong bond of elder druids with nature. Its wooden body is protected by an impenetrable layer of dense foliage making it able to withstand any evil force trying to damage the bond. Protecting its master, it uses powerful earth spells or causes deep bleeding wounds with its horns.

Thundergiant originated from a group of stone golems who tried to climb Kha'zeel, one of the most challenging and dangerous mountain faces known to mankind. Only one of them was strong enough to master the mountain, negotiate narrow passages through sheer cliffs, and avoid the sudden, sweeping avalanches. When he finally reached the top his body was struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning. Even though Thundergiant was now granted an endless supply of energy, he was unable to control it. Only with the help of the master sorcerer was he finally able to bear his power.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we refrained from implementing the second wind spell to the game due to our players' feedback.
We have prepared a detailed announcementwarning with all recent stats and information concerning the above presented spells.

Please keep in mind that the provided information might still be subject to change. You will be able to test the spells on the upcoming test server!

Unleash the power!
Your Community Managers
Retro Hardcore PvP
Wziumajka on 23 June 2017 20:57:18 · 0 Comments · 27 Reads
A brutal and unrestricted PvP environment sparks your excitement? You enjoy the thrill of a harsh death penalty? You are looking for a greater challenge than Retro Open PvP?
Step forward, warriors of Tibia: Retro Hardcore PvP worlds will be launched this summer to bring you pure adrenaline rush!
In a nutshell, the three key aspects of Retro Hardcore PvP are: Retro Open PvP rule set without skull system, XP for player killing and a harsher death penalty.

    The setting: Retro Open PvP Without Skull System
    The PvP setting will basically be that of Retro Open PvP but without a skull system. This means you will be able to induldge in unlimited player killing.
    Also, there will be no fair fight rules, no Twist of Fate blessing and no differently coloured PvP frames.

    The reward: XP for Player Killing
    As an incentive to kill other players on Retro Hardcore PvP worlds, you can gain experience for a frag: [list]
  • You will gain experience if you kill a character whose level multiplied with 1.1 and rounded down to the next whole number is higher than your own level, e.g. a level 40 will only get experience if his opponent is level 38 or higher.
  • The amount of experience you will gain is capped:
  • For level 50 and above, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 200% of your character's current total experience points.
  • Below 50, the maximum amount of experience you can gain per kill is limited to 25% of your current character's experience points.
  • Only your first five kills of the same player during a server cycle (usually time period between two server saves) will grant you experience. Moreover, the amount of experience you gain gets reduced by 10% with each kill.

The challenge: Harsher Death Penalty
The feedback we received from players interested in a hard and unforgiving PvP environment, especially after the introduction of two new blessings earlier this year, encouraged us to go one step further than originally planned. A constant sense of danger is crucial for Retro Hardcore PvP. It makes your heart rate go through the roof before you strike a sneak attack, it has your palms sweating and your mind racing as you enter the fray.
So in order to foster the thrill and challenge of Retro Hardcore PvP, the death penalty will be raised by 16% on these worlds.

Make an impact on Retro Hardcore PvP!
Your Community managers
Threatened Dreams...
Wziumajka on 23 June 2017 20:56:32 · 0 Comments · 25 Reads
Snoopy Moony squinted. It was bright daylight! Hard to believe... It felt like she had dozed off just a couple minutes ago. It had been deepest night. She had been sitting outside, watching the day come to an end when a tiredness had overcome her.

Boy, did she have a vivid dream. Talking to animals was nothing new to her, but this time it had been wild. She was wary... this felt so real!

In her dream she had made the acquaintance of a white deer named Alkestios, she had assisted a snake called Ikassis and she had helped out a magnificent white swan. Even now she could sense a close connection to these animals. They still seemed to be just as real to her as her ivory fang Truly Dooly... but a bit different, nonetheless.

She recalled that in her dream she had somehow earned the trust of shy nature spirits, the Fae, who had welcomed her into their protected and hidden space. What a beautiful and amazing place that had been! But - something had felt different to her there. Pondering the dream, she suddenly knew what had felt so odd: Creatures she had seen there during the day had been gone at night, and creatures she had seen there at night had not crossed her path during daytime. Quite different from what she is used to... Also the place had an awing glow to it at night... pretty amazing. Could all this have been real?

Being highly sensitive nature spirits, the Fae could sense that the magical world was undergoing changes. Evil had become a lot more influential and posed a threat to the magical barrier that had protected them. They had been rattled by these developments. Even some of their own kin had turned to the darker side, and nightmarish creatures, who could easily be kept at bay in the past, were intruding their protective space.

So the Fae had reached out for help, and Snoopy was more than happy to respond. She had felt proud that somebody turned to her for protection. What a good feeling! A bit weird, too, though, because this usually does not happen to her. So - maybe this was just an illusion created by her vivid imagination after all, no matter how real it felt.
She recalled that she had also experienced some really strange adventures. For example, she remembered helping the tooth fairy and talking to trees and rocks... this was indeed all way too wild. She was almost certain now that it had all just been a dream...

Premonition or dream...?
Compendium, Random Hints and new items in Store
Wziumajka on 20 June 2017 18:14:46 · 0 Comments · 31 Reads
Good news, with today's server save, Cipsoft have implemented new features to the Tibia 11 client.



The Compendium is a new ingame feature which offers you short ingame summaries of various Tibia topics, game features and content.
To open the Compendium just click on the designated button. It will shine golden if new entries have been added since you last opened the Compendium.
In the Compendium, you can click on a category to see the entries that are available in this category. If you would like to read an entry, click on the small arrow button to the right to expand it.
Please keep in mind that there is only a small set of entries available at the moment. Further entries will be added in the future.

Random Hints:

We have replaced our "Message of the Day" display with a random hints system. From now on, every time you start your client, a random message containing useful information, security hints, excerpts from our manual or monster lore will be displayed below your login box.

Potion Casks and Potion Kegs:

Cipsoft have added two new products to the Store as well, which will allow you to refill your empty potion flasks.

Potion casks can be placed in your house and contain enough magical liquid for 1,000 refills. Depending on your needs, there is a cask for each size of mana, health and spirit potion available. No need to drag hundreds of empty flasks to your local magic shop for their deposit. Just refill them in your home comfortably.

Potion kegs are aiming for refills directly on the battlefield or during long hunting sessions. They are smaller than their stationary equivalents and therefore hold only a total of 500 refills. Especially if you want to save some capacity, those little wooden barrels might come in handy since their constant weight equals only 250 of the corresponding potion type.

All potions filled up from the new potion casks and kegs will be kept in the Store inbox of the character that used the cask or keg.
Once a cask or keg is empty, it will vanish into thin air.

Have fun with the new features!
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
Wziumajka on 19 June 2017 21:33:45 · 0 Comments · 30 Reads
Are you already eagerly waiting for this year's summer update? To make the wait a little more bearable, there will be a double XP/skill weekend at the end of June!
Sharpen your weapons, stock up your potions and inform your hunting party that a weekend full of excessive monster slaughtering and mana sitting is ahead!

Between the server saves of June 30 and July 03, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Have fun,
Your Community Managers
Daily rewards
Wziumajka on 17 June 2017 00:48:30 · 0 Comments · 46 Reads
Sitting at home, not knowing what to do? Boost your spirit by grabbing your daily reward in Tibia!

The system basically works like this: The temples in all major cities in Tibia will receive a new attraction, new Daily Reward Shrines. Upon "use", these shrines will open a Daily Reward Wall via which you can pick up your reward for the day. And now, the clock starts ticking. A small button in the Tibia 11 client will let you know when it is time to pick up your next reward.
On the reward wall, you will also be able to see your future rewards and which rewards you have received already, among other things.

Most, if not all rewards, will not be tradeable, and some will most likely expire as well. For example, you could receive a temple teleport scroll that you can use for 7 days. If you do not use it, the item will disappear. Further possible rewards are, for instance, a temporary gold converter, potions, runes, XP boosts, and prey bonus rerolls.

Picking up your reward on a daily basis will definitely pay off. There will be special bonuses in addition to your rewards, considering how many you have picked up on consecutive days. The more days you have in a row, the bigger the bonus will be.

These bonuses allow you for instance to regenerate hitpoints, mana, stamina or soulpoints in designated resting areas in which you would usually not regenerate any of these things. A small icon will let you know when you are in such an area. What exactly is effected by this additional regeneration depends on your bonus level. Also the regeneration speed could be affected by a bonus, for example. With the help of a tooltip you will always be able to see which bonuses your character is currently affected by. The reward wall will inform you about which bonuses are waiting for you the following days.
If you have reached the highest possible bonus level, you will keep the bonus until you miss a day. If you miss a day, you will start over again.

Daily Reward Shrine
Reward Wall

If you cannot travel to a city to pick up your daily reward using a reward shrine, you can use an Instant Reward Access, which you can buy in the Store. One purchase will allow you to access your daily rewards 30 times, without travelling. Further, you can get your own personal daily reward shrine for your house. There will be two versions available in the Store, a basic one, and a shiny one.

Please note that this information might still be subject to change. You will be able to test this on the upcoming test server!
There is more to it
Wziumajka on 17 June 2017 00:47:55 · 0 Comments · 45 Reads
Despite his research, Tibicus had found only vague indications concerning the existence of "Misguided", the elfish radical split-off "Barkless" and the cult of "Aeterna Exsistentia".

Nevertheless, he was sure there was more to those rumours.

He needed to talk to Germinor again. The druid seemed to have greater knowledge about these cults and Tibicus had to know everything. He had come across sinister implications that further cults and their members were hiding in different places in Tibia.

If what he had found out were to be true, it would mean that orcs, minotaurs even other humans had recently formed their own cults and made abandoned ancient ruins and caves their new home. Plotting in secret against the Tibian world as we know it.

And unfortunately, Germinor confirmed his theories. According to the druid there were at least four other secret cults.


It is time to shine, our race shall rise again! With his power and might on our side, we can rule the world and recapture our strength and honour!


More! More! I want more! This is not enough! It will never be enough! I don't care if I need it or not! Oh, all the wealth, all the gold, all the glamour! It's all mine!


More ... Power ... Must crush skulls ... Drink it! Drink it all! Yes, that's good! Unleash pure uncontrollable strength! Carnage will be beautiful!


Society ... those ignorant cowards ... Who are they to judge? No, no, it is time for us to teach them a lesson! We will regain the respect and power we deserve! Whatever the cost and risk!


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