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Next Week in Tibia
Wziumajka on 06 September 2018 23:48:37 · 0 Comments · 48 Reads
Let us take a look at what is going to be introduced next week! Since our Rapid Respawn events have been quite popular and well received by our community, most of the monsters in Tibia will soon respawn twice as fast. Permanently!


Click for more information

In addition to the general respawn adjustments, all inhabitants of a game world will be able to donate gold in order to further shorten the respawn time for monsters living in a specific area. At each server save, the area with the highest amount of gold donations is granted that additional respawn bonus until the next server save. On top of that, a randomly selected second area will receive the respawn bonus on a daily basis as well.

The Cyclopedia Map will now display the name of the area you are currently standing in, which should help you to identify the correct area of your favourite hunting ground. We have prepared an FAQ in the comment section to provide you with further information.

Stay tuned for more,
Your Community Managers
Double XP and Double Skill Weekend
Wziumajka on 01 September 2018 11:24:58 · 0 Comments · 51 Reads
Still unsure if you want to participate in the fight against Devovorga? Help your comrades to defeat that evil pestilence and your world will be blessed with a nice regeneration bonus during the upcoming double XP and skill weekend!

Between the server saves of September 07and September 10, all monsters will yield twice the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance twice as fast. The skill progress when training offline will also be doubled.

Grab your weapons and join the fight!
Your Community Managers
Bugfixes and Content Changes
Wziumajka on 29 August 2018 00:45:36 · 0 Comments · 49 Reads
With today's server save, we have released a new client version. Among others, we changed the following:
  • Fixed some boss rooms that, by mistake, allowed players to bring their summons to the fight.
  • An issue causing the character to stop moving under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • Several items are no longer listed as unknown in the Drop Tracker.
  • Colliding with your own summon while your character is in yellow or red hand mode on an Open PvP game world no longer causes a protection zone block.
  • The following monsters are now available in the prey system: stabilizing dread intruder, stabilizing reality reaver, instable breach brood, instable sparkion.
  • Added some missing fansite replicas to the Market.
  • Walking over floor tiles that extremely decrease the character's pace no longer results in snapbacks.
  • Unwrapped magical trees are now moveable and therefore behave like other furniture kits that are not purchasable via the Store.
  • Several minor NPC and map fixes.
Have fun,
Your Community Managers
Rise of Devovorga
Wziumajka on 29 August 2018 00:14:04 · 0 Comments · 57 Reads
The cruelsome Devovora is about to rise from the depth of her sinister realm! Gather friends and enemies to fight that bloodthirsty spawn of pure evil! Only if you work together, you will be able to prevail against her nightmarish incarnations.

After server save on September 01, mystical portals will appear all over Tibia! Those, who consider themselves strong enough to survive the wrecking horror that waits on the other side of those portals, should coordinate their attacks. Teamwork is the key to success!
Hurry up and defeat all the gruesome incarnations to face the powerful Devovorga in a final battle!

Please remember: Stage 2 (Devovorga's incarnations) needs to be completed before server save on September 6 or your world will not be able to proceed to stage 3 (Blooms of Doom) in time.

If your world manages to kill Devovorga until server save on September 7, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Send Devovorga back to the abyss!
Your Community Managers
Reset of All Game Worlds
Wziumajka on 17 August 2018 18:26:48 · 0 Comments · 61 Reads
Dear Tibians,

due to severe unexpected technical difficulties at today's server save, we have to reset all game worlds to the state of yesterday's server save, August 16, 10:00 CEST. Unfortunately, this means that Epoca has to be reset to the state of August 14, 10:00 CEST, due to the recent resets of the game world.

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for this unfortunate event. We are sorry for having failed to live up to your expectations. We can assure you that resets are only done if absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, there was no other option this time.

In order to make up for the disappointment and loss of progress you experienced, we are going to offer the following:
  • double XP/skill weekend will take place on all game worlds between the server saves of August 24 and August 27.
  • In the course of next week, one day of Premium Time will be added to each account that had premium status at some point between yesterday's and today's server save.
  • Since Epoca suffered from three resets in a row, a Rapid Respawn event will take place on the game world between the server saves of August 22 and August 24.
We appreciate your support and your patience throughout this time.

Thank you for bearing with us,
Your Community Managers
New Decoration
Wziumajka on 10 August 2018 22:37:06 · 0 Comments · 65 Reads
Today, we added some new, comfy home decoration to our Store. Who would not like to plunk down into a soft, silky chair after an exhausting hunting trip? Make yourself comfortable in your house with the new comfy furniture set. In addition, the new luminous mushroom species Fluorescent Fungi, Glowing Sulphur Fungi, Gloomy Poisonous Fungi and Luminescent Fungi provide the proper lighting indoors and in your garden.

If you are tormented by nightmares and wake up bathed in sweat regularly, you should think about getting a Stuffed Teddy! This cute little fellow will keep you safe at night while its bigger brother the Stuffed Bear scares away burglars and unwanted visitors in the living room.

Are you looking for some fancy new deco items for your treasure room? Something to properly show off your fabulous wealth with style? The new Chest of Abundance and the Incomprehensible Riches are a perfect addition to your very rare items and precious valuables.

The famous painting of Tibiasula's tragedy known from main hall in the secret library is now available in the Store as well. Get your own copy and display the very beginning of Tibia, as it is known from the Genesiswarning, in your living room!

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

We hope you enjoy the new
Upcoming Extended Service Agreement Additions
Wziumajka on 10 August 2018 22:13:56 · 0 Comments · 64 Reads
Fellow Tibians,

on September 11, 2018, we will include Tibia Coins and Extra Services in our Extended Tibia Service Agreementwarning under the collective term "Paid Services".

As of this date, new regulations will apply to these products regarding their validity on terminated accounts or accounts that have not been in use over a period of four years.

If there are still unused Paid Services on such an inactive account, the owner will be informed several times by email about the imminent expiration date of the Paid Services.

Paid Services on all accounts that have not been used for four years or longer on the day these new regulations become valid, will expire after a transition period of 90 days.

The new version of our Extended Tibia Service Agreementwarning is already available on our website. The old Extended Service Agreement can be read herewarning.

See you in Tibia,
Your Community Managers

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