FunTibia Halloween Contests 2012 - Results
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First of all, I would like to thanks all the participants. We receive many submissions, really great. Many people used their creativity, many efforts...that was really nice to see :D

It's time....

Decoration House Contest:

1st place: Scrholl (user)

Char: Scrholl
Server: Refugia
City: Thais

2nd place: nethel (user)

Char: Nethel
Server: Fidera
City: Kazordoon

3rd place: Kat Woman (user)

Char: Kat Woman
Server: Honera
City: Thais

Fantasy Contest:

1st place: Lich (Rodrigo)
Char.: Star Nami
Server: Carlin
City: Olympa

2nd place:Gnome (andre_squall)
Char: Squall Arcalarya
Server: Julera
City: Venore

3rd place:Feverish Citizen Outfit (doherty)

Char: Bat Wings
Server: Astera
City: Thais

Congratulations winners!

The winners please confirm your prizes on forum ou via PM.

Have Fun on!

Kariel Win

FunTibia Halloween Contests 2012
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Thanks everybody that joined the contest!

We receive many submissions, really good. Will be hard to choose the winners :P
Now we from FunTibia and Cipsoft will evaluate the submissions and after some weeks we post the results.
So just relax and wait patient ;)
Good luck to all!
If you have nice and funny pics, quotes...don't forget to submit them on FunTibia :D

FunTibia Halloween Contests 2012
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Hello everybody!

We started two new contests, give a look on our forum for more details!

FunTibia Halloween Fantasy Contest 2012

FunTibia Halloween Decoration House Contest 2012

FunTibia on Facebook
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Results FunTibia Birth Contests 2012
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Congratulations to all participants for their efforts and creativity. Smile

Here are the winners: Grin

Best Friend Contest:

1st Place: Blade - Gang of blades-

Character: Blade Lottus
World: Magera
City: Venore

2nd Place: jeffstarchips - Grim Reaper-

Char: Black Scofield
World: Harmonia
City: Thais

3rd Place: Dahlia - Giant painter spider -

Char: Dahlia
World: Lunara
City: Liberty Bay

For the winners please confirm your information.

For check the Top 11 click here

Choose a present Contest:

1st Place:
User: Fenelez
Char: Warrior
World: Antica
City: Venore

2nd Place:
User: luminis
Char: Luminis Et Anima
World: Unitera
City: Ab'Dendriel

3rd Place:
User: Spudmuffin
Char: Spuddsy
World: Honera
City: Liberty Bay

For the winners please confirm your information.

Thanks for everybody that joined the contest
Have Fun!
Kariel Win
2 years!
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Today we celebrate our 2 years of fansite!
I want to thanks everybody that is with us and a special thanks to our staff.
It's a pleasure been with you!
And we make birthday but the present is for you user!
This week we will make a new contest
So stay tuned!
Have Fun!
Kariel Win

[EDIT 22/05] You can check infos about our contest in these links.

FunTibia News
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Hail FunTibians!

We got some news

Fixed problems:
Today our server was under maintenance to fix some problems, The site is back again with no data loss.

-> Tibia Poll(Below ShoutBox)
-> World Clock(Below Navigation)
If you have any suggestion of a poll or a time zone to be added you can leave a comment on our
Forum (->Technical Issues->Ideas)

->Poll Forum

New Staff:
We have new members on our Team, we would like to warmly welcome:


They will be responsible for generating new content to provide more fun on!

We are looking for:
- content team members - mainly tasks will be to add jokes, quotes, pictures to our database and manage users' submissions.
- movie makers - we are aiming to launch new feature - FunTibia TV - with funny movies created by our team. Therefore we need people who could write scripts, act in a movie or just combine it and make ready to publish.
- graphic artist - we looking for people that makes comic strips, baners, fan-arts. (We already have some texts, just searching for a person that make the drawing part, but of course you will be able to generate your own texts).

For any kind of question, suggestion please leave a message on our forum or you can send me a private message.

Have fun!
Kariel Win


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GrinThank you!

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