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Bugfixes and Content Changes
Wziumajka on 19 December 2017 18:08:50 · 0 Comments · 88 Reads
Fellow Tibians,
it is time for some changes and fixes to make the new winter update even more enjoyable:
  • Right click in the chat console to open the context menu is now working as intended again.
  • Gold, platinum and crystal coin entries are no longer visible in the Market.
  • We fixed a visual issue in the Bestiary that occured sometimes after switching characters.
  • Show Groups no longer resets after closing the VIP list window.
  • Yellow magic walls should no longer appear on Retro Hardcore/Hardcore/Retro Open PvP game worlds.
  • An issue causing creatures to ignore a player under certain circumstances is now fixed.
  • The quest tracker should no longer show empty entries anymore.
  • Character world transfers between Zuna and Zunera are now properly working.
  • NPC Ruprecht now lists Santa Fox as an obtainable item.
  • Various new creature products that have been introduced with the winter update are now listed in the correct Market/Cyclopedia category.
  • We reduced the damage received by lava fields.
  • Players can no longer accidentally walk into damage dealing lava fields when map-clicking.
  • "Explosive Dwarf Barrel": If the maximum amount of barrels is reached, a message will be displayed when using the lever.
  • "Dangerous Depths" - warzone access: The correct amount of points is now deducted if players are members of the "Bigfoot Brigade".
Have fun,
Your Community Managers
New South American Worlds Open for Transfer
Wziumajka on 06 December 2017 20:14:17 · 0 Comments · 110 Reads
Tibians, we are happy to announce the launch of new South American game worlds on December 12, server save, which will be open for world transfers right from the start:
  • Kalibra (Optional PvP)
  • Inabra (Open PvP)
  • Lutabra (Retro Open PvP)

In order to sweeten their launch, we are offering a whopping discount on world transfers to these game worlds for a limited time only:

From their launch on December 12, 2017 until January 17, 2018, 10:00 CET, you will save 50% when purchasing a South America Character World Transfer or Express South America Character World Transfer in the Store ingame.

Also, these new worlds are open for free and premium players right away.

They are aimed at players from South America, e.g. Brazil, who still have characters on game worlds in North America or Europe and who would like to move them to a world located signficiantly closer to their home to improve their connection quality.

And we have more good news to share, Tibians! As of December 12, server save, character world transfers will become much more convenient for all of you:

  • The whole process of initiating a transfer and preparing your character can be completed ingame.
  • Your conduct level is no longer relevant for a transfer.
  • Several steps you had to take manually so far, will be done automatically. For example: You will be divorced if you are married, and you will be removed from your guild automatically unless you are the guild leader.
  • If you want to buy a transfer, you will be provided with an ingame overview on the conditions you fulfil or not fulfil.
  • When selecting your target world during the process, you can only select game worlds to which you can actually transfer your character.

Click on the image to see how transfers will work then.

Your Community Managers
Winter Update 2017
Wziumajka on 05 December 2017 20:36:54 · 0 Comments · 97 Reads
The winter update has been released! Time to follow-up on the most important features and changes that await you in Tibia from now on.

Gnomes and dwarfs are striving against those below! Yet, the malicious servants are growing stronger and stronger. Prove yourself worthy and join the battle to enter a total of three new warzones. In there, the true power of twisted monsters rotten to the core and devious bosses awaits you!

Another great danger is threatening the inhabitants of Edron and Cormaya! Learn more about the contagious were-sickness and prevent it from spreading further into Tibia! Look out for hints and find the cure, but be careful, those bloodthirsty were-creatures come with razor sharp claws and fangs.

Do not forget to look for poor Coryms that have been enslaved and sent into the deepest mines to dig for rare minerals. Their eternal gratefulness will be your reward if you are able to free them from their oppressors!


All players are now able to use the new Quick Looting option Loot All, which allows you to loot all items from a monster's body with a single click. Premium players can additionally use the Loot Click function. Furthermore, they can activate a definable loot container structure to sort their loot automatically and use lists to make the Loot All function more granular.

Another cool feature is the container position saving, which enables the client to reopen all your widgets and backpacks at the same position whenever you log in again.

A new imbuement has been added as well. From now on, you can imbue your equipped backpack with a featherweight imbuement and thereby raise your character's capacity by a certain percentage.
Speaking of imbuements, umbral and master umbral weapons can now be enhanced with imbuements too!
Besides that, all weapons "of Mayhem/Remedy/Carving" have been transformed to new "of Destruction" weapons and points for kill tasks can now be gained through kill assists if you are in a party with the killer and if shared XP is active.

The new Bestiary contains a lot of information about all kind of different creatures in Tibia. The more creatures you kill, the more details will be revealed. Gain Charm Points by completing a creature's entry and use them to unlock rare charms.

You can find additional changes and features in our news about the most important changes during the test server.

We hope you all enjoy the winter update and have a wonderful time in Tibia!
Your Community Managers
Double Loot Weekend
Wziumajka on 03 December 2017 14:43:56 · 0 Comments · 102 Reads
Are you ready for the last double loot weekend of 2017? The winter update is right around the corner and we want to celebrate it with a special weekend. Given the amount of items that monsters are going to drop, our new quick looting feature will for sure come in handy!

Between the server saves of December 08 and December 11, you have the chance to collect double the amount of loot from every monster you kill. Do not forget to check your prey bonus as well or you might miss even higher drop chances on your prey monsters!

To full backpacks and good loot!
Your Community Managers
New Optional PvP Game Worlds
Wziumajka on 27 November 2017 18:50:41 · 0 Comments · 115 Reads
Fellow Tibians, new game worlds are about to be launched! On December 07, we plan to set up three new Optional PvP game worlds. You can start a new journey if you like, either on Damora (EU), Olera (US), or Descubra (SA).

These worlds will be blocked for character world transfers for a significant amount of time. Please note, though, that depending on how their populations evolve, it may still be possible that these worlds will be opened for transfers or even be merged with other worlds at some point of time.
For a certain amount of time, only premium accounts will be able to play on these game worlds.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers
Important Changes during the Test Server Phase
Wziumajka on 23 November 2017 18:54:34 · 0 Comments · 108 Reads
The test for this year's winter update has recently come to an end.
We would like to thank everyone who provided us with feedback, suggestions and concerns, which inspired our development and content teams to implement additional features, tweaks and changes during the testing phase.

Therefore, we would like to give you a quick overview of the most important changes.

Quick Looting
  • We implemented a Skipped Loot and an Accepted Loot list. Each list can hold up to 500 entries.
  • Skipped Loot: Items on that list will not be looted via Loot All.
  • Accepted Loot: Only items on that list will be looted via Loot All.
  • Both lists only work for players with premium status.
  • Open an item's context menu and click on Add to Loot List to add the item to your activated list.
  • Furthermore, a new option allows Classic Control users to choose between left click, right click or SHIFT+right click to quick loot a creature.
Bestiary & Charms
  • We added a search function to the Bestiary.
  • Very rare items are now unlockable. If you have looted such an item from a monster, it will be displayed once you have completed the corresponding Bestiary entry.
  • Offensive and defensive charms have a 10% trigger chance now.
  • Damage reflected by the Parry charm now ignores the monster's resistances and is only affected by the monster's armour.
Of Destruction & Umbral Weapons
  • We increased the stats of the wand and the rod of destruction. Both weapons now have +2 magic level and a range of 4.
  • Umbral master weapons can be imbued with intricate and powerful imbuements. In return, the total amount of imbuement slots of each umbral master weapon got reduced by 1.
Kill Tasks
  • Getting points through kill assists is only possible if you are in a party with the killer AND if shared XP is active.
  • Kill assists are now sufficient in every task or mission for which your character's personal kill count of a specific creature is relevant.
  • We do not want to spoil any quest details, therefore, we will keep it short and simple: Based on the feedback we received during the test server, we optimised several parts of the new quests. Same goes for new monsters and bosses.
  • Furthermore, we tweaked the stats of items that will be introduced with the winter update.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback and we hope you will enjoy the upcoming winter update!

More information about its launch date will follow in due time.
Your Community Managers
Optimise Connection Stability
Wziumajka on 21 November 2017 18:41:37 · 0 Comments · 117 Reads
Dear Tibians,

earlier this month, we announcedwarning that a new option called Optimise Connection Stability has been added to the client.

Since then, we have been collecting and analysing data and want to proceed to the next step now: We have activated the new option on all game worlds to see if the system is working as intended.

Therefore, please activate Optimise Connection Stability in your client's general options.

This new system aims for an improved connection quality that should result in a smoother gaming experience in Tibia.

We highly suggest to turn off third party software like tunnel or proxy services, since those programs can interfere with our new system and may conflict with our protection measures in case of a DDoS attack.

Please keep in mind that the system cannot solve connection issues that are caused by your internet service provider or temporary congestions of local internet infrastructure.

Thus, if you are still experiencing unusual connection issues please make sure to follow the instructions of our technical FAQwarning. Providing us with such data helps us to identify the cause of your connection issues at a faster pace.

See you in Tibia!
Your Community Managers

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